WB Games | Avalanche previews new house patches for ‘Hogwarts Legacy’


If we all keep our fingers crossed collectively, we may not see any further delays for Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated open-world role-playing video game set in the wizarding world. Right now it should be out in time for the holidays this year, but the fact that we don’t have a release date yet doesn’t inspire confidence. At Sony’s State of Play event in March, Warner Bros. released 15 minutes of absolutely spectacular gameplay footage.

Announced in 2020, the game promises to provide an incredibly immersive experience for any witch or wizard keen to go to Hogwarts, and watching the video, it looks like the developers will deliver on that promise. Overall, the footage gave a glimpse of what appears to be an expansive, lovingly crafted iteration of the Wizarding World that we haven’t seen before. The attention to detail in various things scattered throughout the video is quite impressive. For example, it looks like the Hogwarts House patches have been revamped and WB Games | Avalanche, one of the game’s developers, just took a closer look at them.

Aside from the redesigns, it’s very cool to see the stitching around the perimeter of the shield and the texture of the fabric used to create the patches. Overall, each crest has been redesigned for angular simplicity and still retains many of the iconic features we know and love. And Ravenclaws everywhere will rejoice to finally see an eagle bearing their House crest. Although Hogwarts appears to be a school steeped in its ancient traditions, it still makes sense that the school has at least made some changes to its uniforms in the nearly 200 years between this game and the events of the Harry Potter series.

Plus, if you’re a Discord user, you can now show off your house pride. These updated patches are now available as emotes and name badges on the official Hogwarts Legacy Discord server.

Set in the 1800s, during one of the Goblin Rebellions, Hogwarts Legacy will see players assume the role of a fifth-year student who recently transferred to Hogwarts. As a student, players will be able to choose their Hogwarts house, attend classes, complete assignments, and explore the castle. As seen in the gameplay footage, dueling will be a core gameplay element as players can customize and upgrade their talents and skills.

Hogwarts Legacy should hit shelves in time for the holiday season.

What do you think of these new patches? Would you put one of these patches on your Hogwarts robe? Tell us what you think.

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