Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft Gets Free Adult Coloring Pages


A series of new Tomb Raider coloring sheets, free and official, have been shared as part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

As a member of Grave robber 25th anniversary of the franchise, 15 new coloring sheets featuring Lara Croft have been released for free. This is one of the many anniversary celebrations of the Grave robber series and its main lady.

Over the past 25 years, Grave robber fans have been taken on several exciting adventures with Lara Croft. This has included coming face to face with deities from ancient civilizations and toppling supernatural enemies such as yetis and immortals. While the most recent Grave robber While the trilogy offered a slightly more real and grainy gaming experience, the series as a whole never strayed far from allowing gamers to experience some truly weird endeavors. From consoles to mobile devices, there has always been a gaming opportunity available for Lara Croft fans.

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Now these Grave robber adventures have been reimagined as coloring sheets for adults by digital artist Virginia Berrocal. The 15 sheets were announced on the Grave robber Twitter account, with each photo showing Lara Croft in her element. Iconic outfits such as his warm pants and tank top ensemble from the original Grave robber The game was beautifully captured in black and white, waiting for fans to fill in the gaps with their own creative visions. These sheets can be downloaded free of charge, with the Grave robber twitter hoping to feature the finished articles on their page on August 2, to coincide with National Coloring Book Day.

There is currently no news on the exact location of the Grave robber the series of games will follow. Many were hoping that a new game would be announced this year, as part of the anniversary celebrations, but that seems increasingly unlikely. However, Crystal Dynamics shared that all future games in the series will unify the original timeline of Grave robber games with that of the rebooted Survivor timeline.

Although there is no new Grave robber game currently on the horizon, Crystal Dynamics has always ensured that Lara Croft is recognized over its quarter century. In addition to these new coloring sheets, fans also receive a cookbook based on the games in the series, as well as a new animated show on Netflix. Hopefully before too long a new one Grave robber game will be revealed, however while waiting for such an announcement, at least there is something to pass the time for fans of the series.

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