This Latina created the Clara app to make creators pay


Christen Nino De Guzman has worked for social media giants like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, liaising with content creators since 2015. Her career in technology and social media has given her insight into the challenges content creators face. content face when it comes to payment, especially Latinx content creators and other color content creators. As a designer herself, the 31-year-old from Los Angeles was recently able to quit her job to focus on her new app, Clearwhich is designed to help content creators fight pay disparity and access the information they need to earn fair compensation from the brands they choose to work with.

Nino De Guzman began developing and securing funding for Clara in March 2021, from scratch. After months of cold calling potential investors, in July 2021 she finally secured the funding she needed to create Clara, which launched in January 2022. The app is specifically intended to help establish the pay equity for TikTok creators, Instagram creators and even YouTubers. . With Clara, Nino De Guzman hopes to change the world of professional content creation by putting creators first.

While there are no specific stats available yet for content creators related to ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic demographics, as of 2020, Latinas as a whole only earned 57% of what non-Latin white men in the workforce were being paid. At this rate, we will not achieve equal pay until the year 2197. This is a serious problem that needs to be solved in all sectors, and Nino De Guzman is committed to doing his part.

“When I started, it was interesting because the main type of content creator was a blogger, and they were very traditionally white, and I would say like…middle to upper class, and they would have, like a great video equipment and traveled a lot,” Nino De Guzman told POPSUGAR. “What’s…really cool to see is that now, especially with platforms like TikTok…the definition of who could be discovered has changed so much,” she says, noting that she now sees a group of people much more diverse, earning income as content creators, but that those creators don’t necessarily know what they should be asking brands for.

For example, someone who was previously in a minimum wage job may be approached by a brand and just thrilled to make money when they could make a lot more if they only knew how many other content creators have been paid for similar projects with the same brand.

“I wish services like Clara were available when I started creating branded content,” said Andrea Casanova, Latina content producer at latinapreneur on TikTok tells us. “I undervalued myself simply because I always feared the ‘ship would sail’ if I had given the brand the budget I was actually comfortable with,” she explained. . “Now, with a tool like this, we can actively support and advocate for each other to get paid our fair value.”

Clara is exactly the tool they need to do that, and while Nino De Guzman hopes to continue to grow the platform to include things like creator demographics and the space for brands to search for creators in depending on their skill set, the app already provides content creators with more information than they have ever had access to before.

“Before Clara, creators without management were left in the Wild West to cough up a rate or receive free products as payment,” writer and producer Katherine G. Mendoza tell us. “Clara establishes an essential floor plan that changes the negotiation process for creators,” she says.

Here’s everything content creators need to know about Clara:

What is Clara?

Clara is a free app where content creators can read reviews of different brands written by other content creators. It contains information about what these brands have paid content creators for past projects, including the type of work done and the number of followers of the content creator reviewing the brand.

How does Claire work?

Content creators download the app and create a profile that doubles as a media kit. Profiles include a biography, location information, number of followers, and even skills. Creators can also search for specific brands to read anonymous reviews, ratings, and pricing information from other creators. The more content creators that join, the more power creators – especially creators from marginalized communities – will have.

How does Clara help content creators get paid fairly?

Clara gives content creators the power to negotiate pricing, based on facts. For example, a white man might be paid $5,000 for a few Instagram posts while a Latina is offered $3,000. The Latina can now go to Clara and see that someone else has been offered thousands of others for the same two positions and use that information to negotiate a better rate with the brand.

“With the Clara app being effectively transparent, I believe this has been the best effort made to close pay gaps and wage disparities,” says TikTok influencer Jonny Morales. “I’m encouraged to use it knowing it helps me assess my worth, and in return I can contribute to the app to help someone else recognize that their talents don’t go unnoticed.”

Image source: Alexsey Reyes


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