This coloring app is the best of Microsoft combo painting and coloring books


Just in time to save you an awkward conversation with parents you never even knew existed, the Pigment app is here.

Think Pigment, which is available on Apple and Microsoft devices, like Microsoft Paint on your phone, but much better. This is the digital coloring book of your dreams: a free download gives you 65 free pages of illustrations to color on your mobile device and options to paint digitally with a colored pencil, marker, brush or just use the magic “fill” function, which you may well remember that paint can from those holy days of Microsoft Paint.

This app has the ability to save your life – emotionally and mentally – from any stressful talk about politics or current events this season. When your dad activates Fox News, this is the app you want to focus on. When your aunt is trying to ask you questions about your love life, this is the app you want to be so captivated with that you “can’t hear” her question.


Pigment image options include Butterflies, Geometric Spirals, Flowers, Reptiles, Birds, Ancient Egypt (?) You can upgrade – after getting up, of course – for even more options, like Hanukkah for the holidays.

But the best part is the range of colors, which are available in thousands of shades and opacities, with collections like “roller rink”, “vintage sweater” and “candy store”, which is a collection of pastel shades that are cute AF.

Photos are small on phones, but you can use your fingers to zoom in (and an “Undo” button to avoid mess). If you’re fancy enough to own an iPad, a stylus would also be perfect. But really, the fill function is the key. When Microphone tested the application, the filling function was saving. We even created this masterpiece:

Yes, I am bragging. Micro / Pigment

(Yes, we brag.)

While this isn’t the first coloring book app for your mobile device or tablet, this one does seem to have one of the best assortments of illustrations. Besides Pigment, there are Colorfy, My Coloring Book, and Recolor, to name a few.


In view of the calming powers of the coloring, which Microphone has already reported, this is a perfect treat for yourself. Thanks to the rise of adult coloring books – there is even one for “adult” adults – we now know more than ever that coloring in doodles can be good for you.

Recently, studies have suggested that coloring can act as a therapy to reduce stress and keep us all a little more zen. With a generation obsessed with the occupation, taking a break and going back to your childhood can be a good thing.

Plus, if the thought of talking to your NASCAR-loving uncle gives you hives, a coloring app is a great alternative.

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