The Chargeway app is now available for Apple CarPlay


In 2018, Matt Teske, brand strategist and EV advocate, created Chargeway. His mission was simple. Answer the questions people have had about electric vehicles – how far they can go, how to charge them and where to find chargers. Experienced sales professionals know that customers will put off buying decisions if they have unanswered questions. Teske figured that if he could help people find the answers they were looking for, more of them would buy electric cars.

He was right. He convinced 7 Portland-area car dealerships to display his Beacon information kiosk in their showrooms. Over the next 15 months, EV sales at these dealerships were 2-5 times higher than at other dealerships selling the same cars but without the Beacon kiosk on display.

Chargeway now available for CarPlay

Image credit: Chargeway

Charging lane just announced its The EV Charging app – which has helped thousands of EV drivers across North America find EV chargers using their iPhones – is now available on Apple CarPlay. The app uses a Simple, intuitive, color-coded visual language for matching EV drivers with EV chargers, eliminating the guesswork and confusion that is often part of the EV charging process.

“You just need to open the app and choose your electric vehicle,” says Teske. “The app determines the type of plug your electric vehicle has, but instead of technical terms such as ‘CHAdeMO’ or ‘J1772’, you get ‘Blue’ or ‘Green’, for example. The map then only shows chargers color coded which your vehicle can use, so you’ll never use the wrong kind of charger. Each charger displays a number from 1 to 7 to indicate the power it has. The higher the number, the faster your car charges. This makes navigating the complex world of electric vehicle charging easier for everyone,” says Teske.

The new CarPlay interface brings some improvements to the application. A feature includes new visuals for the station map. Users will still see the unique color/number station pins they are used to seeing on their iPhones, but in CarPlay closely grouped pins will be combined into red bubbles indicating the number of stations in those “volume” areas. high station”.

Tapping on any individual station pin then provides quick access to directions, as well as more information about the station itself, such as network, charger quantity, prices and a quick call feature to contact network support. There is even a star rating feature that allows customers to leave feedback for other users to help them make the right charging choice.

Advanced trip planning

The trip planning feature introduces EV drivers to the best charing strategy for their trip. It now goes directly from the user’s phone to the car. “Our pre-routing capability in Trip Planner on the mobile app seamlessly passes a planned trip in the Apple CarPlay interface,” says Teske. “It displays suggested stops for your trip right on the dashboard to simplify planning, along with total charge time estimates and target battery percentages. Simply tap on a suggested location and click “routes” to start navigating to that station.

Here’s the best part. Chargeway’s trip planning feature lets you select cruise temperature and speed. “Experienced electric vehicle drivers know that electric vehicles have a different range at 90 degrees than at 30 degrees or at different speeds. Our app is not based on guesswork. Enter the temperature you’ll be driving in and the cruising speed you expect and Chargeway does the math to determine the type of beach you’re going really have during your trip. You can download the latest version of the Chargeway mobile app with CarPlay now at App Store on your iOS mobile devices.

Tesla drivers know this level of granularity. Now other EV drivers can enjoy a similar level of comfort.

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