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As soon as you see something, tap the Roadkill Art app icon.

Report a traffic accident or check if there is a traffic accident fee available.

Report a traffic accident or check the “List View” for available traffic accidents.

Roadkill Art a new app if you love game meat.

Roadkill Art the app for the Game Meat Lover.

The new ROADKILL ART app instantly marks the location of your roadkill on the map in the app and allows image and video up to 30 seconds.

Take it off the road, treat it, grill it, eat it, then turn it into art, Roadkill Art.

—Bree Criminaler Horne

CHARLESTON, SC, USA, March 1, 2022 / — If you enjoy the delicious flavor of game meat, especially deer or big game, the new Roadkill Art app makes it easy to acquire fresh animals by simply checking what has been reported in the feed daily. Start stocking your fridge and freezer with squirrel, raccoon, skunk, opossum, turkey, deer, elk or moose, whatever game meat your local roads provide. If you’re not equipped to pick up road kills, you can become a road reporter to help others load up the meat, one touch of the app and you’ve instantly reported road kills, shortly no matter where you are in the United States, even Hawaii or Alaska.

The best way to report a traffic accident in the app is to have a car cell phone bracket that sits above your dashboard facing the front window with the app on your homepage so you can touch the icon anytime. When you see something slow down as much as possible, tap the app icon, when the map pops up, tap the orange bar at the bottom of the page, now you can take a photo. If you don’t go too fast or can stop, you can get up to 30 seconds of video. Commenting while you record is appreciated by other members, the videos provide real-time content for members who like to see up close and where the roadkill was found.

The ideal is to have a roadkill partner, one person drives, the other person has their eyes on the road while navigating the app, the way “Roadkill Hunters” go searching in the early morning. Teamwork increases the chances of being able to load roadkill big game and maintains safety when working with any traffic when stopping. Most road accidents happen when the sun is down or has set, which is the time to find and pick up what’s available before it’s further damaged by morning traffic. Even if you can’t take the roadkill for yourself when you report it in the app, you gave someone else, possibly 100 pounds of venison. The average male in the United States weighs 225 pounds and the average doe weighs 150 pounds.

Roadkill Art is an application with a community of game meat lovers and skilled hunters. Although the app is free on Google Play and Apple, it is the registration process that keeps the group specific with the selection of those who hunt and eat game meat. With the status choice, “Not a hunter but like game meat”, the door to death on the road has opened for non-hunters who love a good venison steak. Videos on how to skin and treat a deer, connecting to processors and trained hunters in the app and on Roadkill Art’s Facebook page, provide game meat lovers comfort and confidence in loading a deer.

In Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia and Pennsylvania in October 2016, Arby’s had a Venison Burger on its menu that sold out that day, leaving many waiting for the next delivery, which was the following year. in October 2017. This time the Venison Burger was at every Arby’s in every state in the 50s and sold out again that day, proof that America loves game meat. No known date, Arby’s will ever bring back this Venison Burger the next time you fix a deer burger on the road, try it the way Arby’s served it, with juniper berry sauce and fried onions, it turned out proved irresistible.

As the app is specifically designed to mark traffic accidents on a map so that others near the marked location can pick it up while it’s still fresh, with some members traveling as little as 5 miles. The two champion features: 1. report traffic accidents on map with photo and video and 2. check list view to see if big game has been reported near your location, get meat of game for members without the time needed for a morning or afternoon of hunting. Venison steak Diane, Venison fillet with fig sauce and Venison roast on wild rice, the dishes of 4-5 star restaurants are now within reach of your kitchen. Members love the place to get this free deer meat, the Roadkill Art app.

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The app also makes it easy to find out what is required when taking a traffic accident in your state, providing rules, regulations and traffic accident laws for each US state and the District of Columbia. The icon at the bottom of the app’s map page, an orange star, houses a color-coded map of the United States, the states are divided into 8 categories summarizing what to do when you want to take the road for consumption or art. When you click on your state, you will get further instructions on which department or organization to contact.

Roadkill Art State’s “regulation” categories are:

1. Yes, you can kill on the road.
2. Yes, you can kill on the road, but first you have to get permission from the police, call 911.
3. Yes, roadkill can be taken, but a rescue permit is required.
4. Yes, roadkill can be taken, but a permit is required from Natural Resources.
5. Dial 911, no laws known specifically on road fatalities.
6. Yes, you can take the road, but you must inform the authorities that you have taken it.
7. Yes, you can drive, but you must file a permit, tag, license or report, see its condition.
8. No one can kill on the road, it’s illegal.

Roadkill Art invites all game meat lovers to be part of a unique community, download the app on your phone and sign up by answering a few simple questions. A simple task of reporting a traffic accident in the Roadkill Art app can lead to providing meals, delicious game meat meals to many people.

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