Samsung PENUP app update adds some very useful drawing options – SamMobile


Last update: May 17, 2022 at 14:41 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s fun drawing app with a social element, PENUP, is getting a handful of exciting new features thanks to a new update. PENUP version adds new search features, new drawing tool and claims to improve usability of live drawing.

PENUP users can now search coloring pages and live drawing pages, which is a great addition considering the social and learning aspects of the app.

Moreover, with the PENUP version, users who like to draw things from scratch have a new tool in their toolbox. Namely, Fill Color.

This tool was previously only available in the Coloring section, but now it can be used freely in freeform drawing mode.

With the addition of layers last year, PENUP has slowly but surely become a more comprehensive app for enthusiasts. The app is best used with the S Pen as the accessory offers greater precision, but one great thing about it is that it’s not limited to S Pen devices.

PENUP is available for most Galaxy phones and tablets, whether they support the S Pen or not. And now the new Fill Color tool makes finger drawing even easier.

You can download the latest version of PENUP ( on your Samsung device from the Galaxy Store.


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