Orlando Magic Legends to headline Spot app launch ribbon cutting event on August 26


Bo Outlaw and Nick Anderson will attend an event featuring a charity fundraiser for Volusia Recovery Alliance

DELTONA, FL/ACCESSWIRE/August 2, 2022/ Spot Social Fitness, Inc., a proud member of 7 different Chambers of Commerce in Volusia County, announces a grand opening event to mark the launch of the highly anticipated Spot App. The event will take place on August 26, 2022 at the Deltona Center, and Orlando Magic legends Bo Outlaw and Nick Anderson will be on hand for the celebration.

“Helping our communities become physically active is a goal I completely align with, which is why I’m so excited to see the launch of Spot,” said Bo Outlaw.

Founded by Central Florida natives, Spot is a location-based app focused on solving the physical inactivity pandemic by making it easy to discover the best “spots” to get active, find events and activities to join, and to connect with a fun and engaging community.

Spot will host various members of Florida’s innovation community as well as local government leaders at the inaugural event, during which a silent auction will take place to benefit the Volusia County Recovery Alliance.

“We are grateful to have the strong support of Bo and Nick, as well as local residents, businesses and chambers of commerce. As we celebrate an exciting milestone for Spot in our mission to help people be well health, we are happy to give back to our community and support another good cause,” said Adam Ben-Evi, vice president of business development at Spot.

While registered early adopters have already gained access to the app, the official version will allow anyone to download it to their phone on both iOS and Android. Initially, Spot will offer more than 2,000 locations across Central Florida, from public parks, sports fields and hiking trails to gyms and businesses focused on health and wellness. An expansion to cover all of Florida should happen quickly to meet growing demand.

“Spot is a great solution to help people get out and get active. I’m thrilled to have this app available for Volusia County Link Trails, as well as everyone in Central Florida, all over state and beyond,” said Former Volusia Board Member and “Florida trail queen” Pat Northey.

For those wishing to attend the inaugural event in person, Spot has reserved a limited number of spaces for the public. Click here to register for the event.

About Spot Fitness

Spot Social Fitness is the creator of the Spot app (spotfitness.app), designed to help people build a social support network that reinforces their active lifestyle goals. With Spot, you can find places to go, things to do, and people to meet, all in your area and based on your interests. Easily find an open basketball game to join, a kayaking partner, or even start a weekly running group. Remember – fitness success is all about social support! Register today: SpotFitness.App

For press inquiries, contact Adam Ben-Evi: [email protected]

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