nShift will roll out its consumer order tracking app in the Nordics


Post-purchase app dramatically reduces customer service costs and empowers retailers to take ownership of the journey from purchase to delivery

Oslo, Norway, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — nMajthe global leader in parcel delivery management, today announces the upcoming launch of its consumer order tracking application, known as Mina Paket in Swedenin all Nordic countries.

The nShift app consolidates a consumer’s order information into a single app, regardless of the retailer or carrier used. Its easy delivery tracking allows customers to track orders from the time they ship to the time they arrive at their front door, receiving push notifications at every stage of their journey.

Retailers and e-commerce sites will benefit from this consolidation of shipping information. This will improve the overall customer experience. The nShift data also shows that “where is my order?” calls drop dramatically when a retailer’s customers use the nShift app. This can reduce customer service costs by an average of 30%.

Using the nShift app, retailers and e-commerce sites can deliver a branded experience to their customers. They can add their logo, color scheme and font to all relevant tracking information in the nShift app. They may also make one-time offers to encourage repeat visits to their site.

Notifications also include a link to the retailer’s site if a customer needs help or returns information. Additionally, customers can provide instant feedback upon delivery, giving retailers insight into their delivery experience and how it could be improved.

Some 3.3m consumers have already downloaded the application. As a result, they receive proactive follow-up updates and an improved post-purchase experience. By engaging with the app, the retailer can build brand loyalty and open up new marketing opportunities at a time when their customers are most invested in their brand.

The nShift app is part of nShift’s ever-evolving suite of post-purchase tools that will add value to online stores by helping them improve their customer journey,” said Sean Sherwin Smith, post-purchase product manager at nShift. “Rather than entrusting a client to a point-of-sale carrier, it allows retailers to stay with them throughout the journey, from sale to delivery – with the ability to customize the experience if they wish. »

Integration with the nShift app is simple. Retailers currently using nShift products to produce shipments don’t need to do anything at all, while others can automatically import shipment data directly into the app.

“The nShift app offers convenience and control,” says Erik Åslund, Product Owner at nShift. “Consumers appreciate the convenience of having everything in one place. There is no need to scroll through emails or revisit different retailers’ websites. And they have control of all their deliveries, through a single app. In turn, by providing this level of convenience and control, and owning all the experience, retailers will benefit from greater loyalty and a better understanding of their customers’ behavior.”

The nShift app is currently used by a number of organizations in the Nordics, including Swedish online pharmacy Apotea, which handles over a million packages every month on the app.

Apotea is one of the largest online retailers in the Nordic region. Apotea.se is Sweden leading online pharmacy with a full assortment of prescription and over-the-counter medications and a wide range of other health-related products. Apotea has long been a leader in the development of consumer-centric logistics and has been named e-tailer of the year for several consecutive years.

Pär Svärdson CEO and Founder of Apotea, said “My packages give us valuable insight into how our customers experience our deliveries and overall service.”

The nShift app is also a great communication channel for carriers as it allows for direct and secure communication with recipients, electronic ID for pickup, avoiding SMS charges, and enabling direct feedback capture.

For consumers in the Nordic countries, the nShift app is already available as “Mina Paket” or “Pakitet” for free download via Google Play or Apple Appstore.

If you are a merchant or carrier in the Nordics looking for a new or alternative way to communicate with your customers and want to be part of this launch, then Contact us.

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