Nike has created an Air Max coloring book that comes to life in augmented reality


In the design phase, AKQA knew it wanted to celebrate creativity, but had to work within the restrictions of Covid-19, which reduced commercial production and made it impossible to organize innovative street events. (a staple of the store’s famous work for Nike).

Quickly realizing that people weary of self-isolation yearned to explore creativity in new ways, the agency decided to turn the shoes into a blank canvas, in both senses of the word.

But… why create a coloring book?

“AR requires a visual trigger,” says Daniel Busch, Associate Creative Director at AKQA. At the same time, the craftsmanship and the design process are universally admired in Japan.

The project targets “Japan’s creative and passionate sneaker community, with a focus on young female audiences interested in sneakers, fashion and culture,” said Busch.

With immersive entertainment and highly demanded pop culture hijackings, “it allows Nike to connect with consumers in a culturally relevant and meaningful way,” he says.


Client: Nike
Agency: AKQA Tokyo, Shanghai and New York
Group Creative Director: Tim McDonell
Associate Creative Director: Daniel Busch
Creatives: August Ostberg, David Svedenstrom
Designer and artistic director: Matteus Faria
Brand Editor: Shunsuke Mori
Motion Designer: Zack Chua
Strategist: Kasumi Mizoguchi
UX Designer: Gabe Beck
Client partner: Hideaki Hara
Account Director: Faris Raucci
Senior Project Manager: Eiji Nakamura
CTO: Steven Gutteridge
Creative Technology: Buboy Paguio, Chewy Wu
Technical manager: Joe Jin
Photography: Andrew Goldie

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