MBBank app makes Apple Store the “best app of 2021”


While the presence of international brands like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Gmail comes as no surprise, the Made in Vietnam MBBank app has caught people’s interest. What is so fascinating about this app?

Wallet with several compartments

MB is the first Vietnamese bank to provide consumers with multiple account numbers – akin to a wallet with many compartments – through the MBBank app. Users of the app can quickly create a custom account number, phone number account, date of birth account, or foursome account, depending on their preferences.

Notably, the MBBank app is the only financial app to feature in the best Vietnamese apps of 2021 for iOS.

Customers can now make transfers with their unique, easy-to-remember and convenient account numbers, rather than memorizing a long series of numbers (like old 13-digit accounts). This successful approach has reduced consumer uncertainty when transferring money.

Get a 2 in 1 offer via VietQR code

MB quickly added a fast checkout mechanism using VietQR code in the MBBank app. Payment transactions are completed in a fraction of a second using the VietQR code, eliminating the need to enter beneficiary data such as account numbers, account names, beneficiary banks, etc., as with traditional money transfers. Users can also customize their mascot and color during VietQR payments.


Convenient for business owners, shippers and customers

The QR payment feature can be especially useful for small and medium business owners, shippers, and consumers. Customers or senders only need to scan the QR code to immediately process the transfer order. The sellers will also receive the funds quickly and at no additional cost. MB has increased the QR code payment limit to VND 500 million ($ 21,740), making this service extremely convenient for buyers and sellers.

With a digital mindset in its DNA, MB recently enhanced the capability of this cashless payment method, enabling business owners to actively settle with VietQR in addition to providing a smooth payment experience. Specifically, business owners can use the MBBank app to generate a transaction QR code with merchandise owed amount, product content, and payee account, making inventory and settlement easier. In addition, the MBBank application also integrates personal computers, allowing customers to easily calculate while shopping.

“Afraid of losing money? MB will compensate ‘

Customers were drawn to the slogan “Afraid of losing money?” MB will compensate ”which recently appeared on the MBBank application.

In particular, MB is the first bank in Vietnam to provide its customers with up to VND 100 million in compensation in case they are victims of fraud while paying online with an MB account or an international payment card. . Those who spend more than VND 10 million on foreign debit and credit cards between November 4, 2021 and November 4, 2022 will be alerted to activate this special mode of protection for a period of one year.

MB is the first and only bank to offer compensation to customers for fraudulent online payments.

Understanding user psychology and creating exceptional financial product experiences, especially on digital platforms, is the path set by MB to lead digitization.

MB continues to assert its superior quality and cutting edge technology as the only banking app on the 2021 best apps list for iOS operating system in Vietnam, contributing to a cashless society.


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