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A Lorain brings his creative arts to the Cité internationale.

“Art has always been in me,” said artist Javar Goodwin. “Life inspired me and pushed me to create. “

Goodwin, 33, has published his first arts activity book, “Young, Gifted and in Color”.

“I started making my coloring book pages for my daughter,” he said. “I thought that would be a way to make other kids happy too.”

Goodwin specializes in painting, drawing and sculpture.

Javar Goodwin from Lorain poses with the “Young, Gifted and Colorful” coloring book. (Aliah Kimbro – The Morning Newspaper)

“I have always been a painter and draftsman, but recently I started to engage in sculpture,” he said. “It’s a learning process, but I’m discovering it. “

The coloring book is made up of pictures featuring the residents of Lorain County.

“I wanted to use the images to inspire them,” Goodwin said. “I know, personally, it would have been cool to see me in a book when I was growing up.”

He said he was looking forward to creating more activity books.

“I’m currently working on a Black History Month themed coloring book,” Goodwin said. “I plan to do a lot more coloring books and activities for kids and adults as well.”

He said he thinks the young people of Lorain County need more artistic opportunities.

“Art is a great expression,” he says. “I used to want art classes or programs when I was younger and it’s sad that there still aren’t any for kids who want to learn.

“We need a stable art program for children, and I hope to be able to organize classes in the future. “

Goodwin said he believes art can help young people express themselves.

“I have noticed that young children are better able to express their feelings or convey them in an instant,” he said. “It’s a good way to interact with them and help them open up.

Goodwin said his goal was to have a positive impact on local youth.

“I just want to show young people better than what I’ve been shown,” he said. “I want them to believe in themselves and realize that they are nuts just the way they are.

“There is no need to doubt themselves.”

For more information or to book Goodwin, visit artbyprynce440.com.

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