Humble Games partners with Stairway Games to publish Coral Island


When the gaming landscape is littered with titles that emphasize fast-paced gameplay, expansive worlds, and tons of places to explore, sometimes it’s nice to kick back with a relaxing title and enjoy some of the best stuff. of life. From something as simple as coloring lines on a screen to managing sprawling farms and dealing with local villagers, it can pay off to just take your time and enjoy the scenery at some times. It’s exactly what you can expect from Stairway Games’ next release. Coral Island which was just announced to be now published by Humble Games! Check out the brand new trailer celebrating the announcement below.

The beauty and nostalgia of Coral Island

Coral Island, developed by an international team based in Indonesia, allows players to experience the joys of island life at the speed they want. You’ll experience all the beauty that lands abroad can offer, including caring for your animals, tending to your crops, and talking with the various townsfolk (including maintaining relationships with them if you want). All this, with the aim of making this city as big as possible. On top of all that, you can even explore the deepest depths and hunt all kinds of treasures. Or if that’s not your kind of thing, then fishing from above is also a possibility.

At this time, neither Humble Games nor Stairway Games have announced a definitive release date for Coral Island. The trailer above should provide you with plenty to enjoy in the meantime. For more details on this farming life simulator, as well as how you can list it, check out the game’s official Steam page.

Will you buy Coral Island when does he come out? Among the many farming simulators, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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