How to use the Canva app on Android


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Check out how to use the Canva app on Android

Canva is free software that lets you create beautiful, professional-looking graphics even without layout or design skills. To start designing, you need to create an account. Canva saves all of your files so you can easily access them whether you open the app or the web. The catch is, you don’t have to know fancy software like Adobe Photoshop to get started! All you have to do is drag and drop.

Explore all the fascinating elements of the app and choose the ones that you think will best suit the project you are working on. But what types of projects, you will ask me? Well, a little! Canva offers its users enormous flexibility, so that they have everything they need for any type of multimedia graphics.

How to use Canva step by step

  • Select Size and Shape and go to If this is your first time, you will need to create an account. Click the “Create Design” button in the upper right corner. You can choose from “custom sizes” or a range of preselected sizes. Canva makes it easy to get started with your design by including templates for optimal sizes on many social media platforms.
  • Define your background With the blank canvas in front of us, let’s choose a background. You can choose a solid color or a pattern. You have the choice between abstract images and even photos. You can also select a photo and add it to the background. This includes the photos you upload. Textures like this gradient are fun. We will use this one.
  • Add your text Go to ‘text’ in the left menu and there are options to choose a simple text box. Or combinations of fonts and effects. Pick a font combination idea to get started. Write the quote you want to use. Select the one you want, then use the round dots at each corner to enlarge it. Small purple lines will appear to help you position it in the center.
  • Add your name or URL To add your URL or blog name to the chart, select a text box and drag it down. You can change the size and match the fonts with those used. Just select the font menu or the size menu at the top.
  • Finish and Save Give your quote a name so that you can view the file on your computer. By default, the words on the screen or sometimes “untitled”. Then use the “download” button to download it. Select your preferred format. Your quote is ready to go!

Final words: How to use the Canva app on Android

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