How to change the shape of app icons in Android 12 2022


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Check how to change app icon shapes in Android 12

We will see some plausible methods to change icon shapes and colors in Android 12. The twelfth iteration of the operating system release has brought many changes to the user interface through the introduction of Material You Design. This, combined with the new wallpaper-based theme engine, lets you customize the look of every major operating system component. The way it works is to select the most striking color of the wallpaper and then assign it to the icons, widgets, notification panel and even the settings menu. However, if we turn our attention to these icons, there are a lot of changes you could make in this latest version of the operating system. Chief among these is the themed icon feature, which changes icon styles and assigns them the color of the background image (more on that later).

Although the Silicon Valley giants have added such a long list of UI tweaks for icons, one important aspect seems to be missing: the ability to change the shape of icons in Android 12. As for the reason for removal , there is still nothing officially documented. but all fingers point to the material you are designing. Indeed, until Android 11, you had the possibility to choose the icon styles you wanted with the Google Styles & Wallpapers application. And while the app still exists in Android 12, the option to change the shape of icons is gone.

Change the color of Google Apps icons

Google has introduced an updated app, “Wallpaper & Style” for personalization in Android 12. The “Wallpaper & Style” app offers several options to customize your Android 12 screen and icons. ‘enable. the “Theme Icons” feature, which is disabled by default to customize icons. Follow the instructions below.

  • Tap the empty area of ​​your screen until a pop-up menu appears. Three options will appear: “Home settings”, “Widgets” and “Wallpaper and style”. Tap “Wallpaper & Style”.
  • The next screen displays customization options such as “Change wallpaper” or enable “Dark theme”. You can choose “Wallpaper Colors” or “Basic Colors”. Scroll down to see the remaining options.
  • Enable “Themed Icons”.
  • Bring up the home screen and you’ll see that all native Google apps have changed their colors to “background colors” or “base colors” depending on what’s selected.
  • If you want to give the icons a specific color of choice, select “Basic Colors” and choose the color you want.
  • These settings will only apply to the Google app suite.

Change icon size and spacing

Cell phone users love different icon sizes for various reasons. Some prefer a large size for each icon, while others like to have many icons on the screen, no matter how small. Android 12 offers an easy way to do this with the recently updated Wallpaper & Style app. Android 12 simplifies this process by introducing the “app grid” which offers “5×5”, “4×4”, “4×5”, “3×3” and “2×2” options.

These two numbers define the number of symbols that appear horizontally and vertically on the screen. If you reduce the number of symbols for an address, the size of the symbols and the corresponding spacing also increase. Similarly, if you increase the number of symbols for any dimension, the size of the symbols will decrease. There are limits to the size or size of an icon.

  • Touch any empty part of the screen and a menu with three options will appear. Choose “Wallpaper and style” from the list.
  • Scroll down and tap the pound sign (#) in front of “App Grid”.
  • Choose the desired configuration and view the preview. Once you are satisfied with the option, press the “Apply” button. Go back to the home screen and watch the new arrangement.

Final Words: How to Change App Icon Shapes in Android 12

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