High-Maintenance Home Materials You Should Avoid, According to a Professional Housekeeper


There are seemingly endless options with which to build your home, but according to a professional housekeeper, pick the wrong ones and you’ll be cleaning endlessly too.

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Austin-based cleaning expert Vanesa Amaro has a series of TikTok videos warning people about household materials to avoid at all costs. In her most recent post, she says she wouldn’t recommend buying a dark bronze water faucet. It may look elegant at first glance, but it is difficult to maintain.

“They’re very high maintenance, scratch very easily, and don’t hold up over time,” Amaro said.

In another article, she also advises homeowners against installing travertine tiles because the material is so porous that everything gets stuck in it.

“Travertine is a natural stone. Therefore, the maintenance will be higher. It’s also expensive, requires constant sealing, and it’s very cold and slippery,” Amaro wrote.

Still talking about floors, Amaro also criticizes dark wood floors, for several reasons. The first is that footprints and scratches are more visible due to the dark color of the material. Another is that without constant maintenance, the floor would quickly look worn.

And finally, in his first post in the series, Amaro says to never get a penny tile.

“First of all, it’s a bit painful to walk on. Second, there’s so much grout it’s hard to keep clean,” she said.

Its proponents added that similar materials – like river pebbles and mosaic tiles – are also difficult to maintain. One commenter wrote: “I don’t have penny tiles but squares as small as these and it’s a NIGHTMARE.”

For those who are about to embark on a renovation and are looking for things that are easy to maintain, you now have your list of materials to avoid.


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