Harvestella announced for Nintendo Direct Mini


Harvestella announced for Nintendo Direct Mini

The Nintendo Direct Mini had some really big reveals earlier this week, including a brand new IP announced by Square Enix. The company has officially unveiled Harvestelle, a life simulation title that seems to take a lot of inspiration from Stardew Valley, which is one of the most popular simulation titles of all time. In the game, you’ll grow crops, cook meals, comb through fields for materials, and even milk cows. Among this, you will also be able to relax with other villagers in the area, making it a title that resonates with a “chill” vibe. The game will launch later this year on November 4.

Just like other simulation titles, seasons will change during gameplay and create a distinct environment with various colors around the area. The main difference between Harvestelle and other sim titles is that Harvestelle has a fifth season, Quietus, also known as Death Season. You, the player, must try to find a way to stop Quietus from destroying your farm life as well as your home. Another great addition to Harvestelle is the fight. Yes, there’s a great display of combat and RPG mechanics that also go into this title, which you’ll need to defend your crops among other things.

It also helps that Harvestelle is a fully realized 3D world, with a stunning map to boot and excellent visuals. It’ll more than likely be on some people’s radars for the holiday season, and since it’s also being released for Steam on PC, that makes it even more accessible in the long run. Either way, Square Enix has our attention, and we can’t wait to check out this one.

Harvestelle will officially launch on November 4 on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.



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