Free coloring book app “Colors” launched globally


NEW YORK, March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile app and game developer Chamoji announces the global launch of its Colors – Free Coloring Book app, a feature-free mobile coloring app for adults and kids, available for iOS and Android on March 24, 2020. Colors is accessible online for all types of devices, in 12 languages.

Coloring book for all

Coloring books are said to have benefits for both adults and children. Children are able to improve their creativity and concentration, while adults can relieve stress and anxiety through coloring. Colors aims to provide a free coloring app that kids and adults can easily enjoy.


Over 1,000 line drawings

Users can enjoy over 1000 designs of classic, animal, nature, floral, seasonal and fantasy mandala patterns. There are more than 100 illustrations dedicated to children to enjoy the art of coloring with their parents.

Special spring collection

Colors is also launching its Seasonal Sakura Collection, a unique palette of 30 sakura line art and a color palette to celebrate cherry blossom festivals that have recently been canceled due to COVID-19.

Easy taps and swipes

Coloring is made easy with 2,000 colors and palettes. Users can create masterpieces with just a few swipes and taps.

Unique editing tools

Users can enhance their works with various post-coloring features, such as filters, effects, and outlines. People can post their finished works on social media.

Dark mode functionality

The colors have a dark mode, which helps reduce eye strain, so users can calm down to sleep through coloring even with the lights off. Users can switch between white and dark UI at any time.

Relaxing playlist on Spotify

Colors users can take their relaxation to another level with their Colors playlist on Spotify. They can select different relaxing music while coloring.

Updates are continuously added so users can enjoy new content and improvements.

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Free coloring book app for everyone: kids, adults and professionals, anytime, anywhere.

Color with easy swipes and taps with Colors’ color wheel and coloring tools. Add post-editing effects with effects, filters, and edge editing features. Save finished works and use them as wallpaper.

To celebrate spring, Colors offers you the special Sakura collection, consisting of 30 line drawings of cherry blossoms signifying the season of renewal.



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