Five phone puzzle games to get you through mid-term stress


With Wordle all the rage, puzzle games are back on the market. It’s important to take breaks when studying for exams and find the right game that won’t stress you out further. These relaxing puzzle apps will help you take a quick break without getting too engrossed or distracted by a new game. For this recommendation, we’re bringing back some classics and introducing some new puzzle games into the mix.

2048 is one of those simple classic puzzle games that has been around for a while. The game was released in 2014 by Italian programmer Gabriele Cirulli and – was so popular after its release that other developers started making imitations of the game, similar to what happened after Wordle was released.

To play the game, users must slide numbered tiles – which start with 2 or 4 – to match together, and sum up to 2048 without filling the board. The catch is that after each swipe, a new number appears. This simple game allows for a quick break to play a trick without getting too drawn into the end game.

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I Love Hue Too is a beautiful continuation of the game I Love Hue, a puzzle game about arranging mosaic tiles in beautiful color gradients. What makes this game unique is the way it is both aesthetically pleasing to complete each level, and the developers have added very peaceful meditation music to the background of the game, which creates an ethereal experience .

With hundreds of levels, this game has hours of entertainment but won’t send you annoying notifications asking you to feed your pigs every two hours. Plus, listening to the in-game music while playing allows for a meditative break after studying. A win-win.

This cute puzzle app lets you learn as you put the pieces together. The game involves a confused word that you have to put together. The funny part is that every word comes from another language that doesn’t have a direct English translation. As you complete each word, the app gives you the original language and definition of the word.

Not only are these terms sticky, in that you’ll never be able to find a synonym in English, but they’re also sticky in the app. Sound effects and tactile play require you to “peel off” each puzzle piece before moving it by holding the piece for a long time. If you’re looking to keep your brain active between your study sessions, this game is a great way to relax while learning new things.

In this game, you have a set number of moves to create a sheet of paper of the same color. As the levels progress, there are more complicated models and more colors to choose from, and you can watch the paper fold into a small bundle after completing each level. The paper folding sound effects are also very satisfying to listen to if you like ASMR.

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If you’re like me, you grew up playing the Dots puzzle games as they came out. Dots & Co is the 2016 adaptation of the original game, Points, from 2013. The graphics have come a long way and they’ve stylized the game to be more story-like than previous iterations.

This game involves an array of dots of different colors. Connect dots of the same color to make them disappear, and make sure you collect the right amount of each color to pass the level. The most satisfying part of this game is when you draw a square with a certain color, all the colored dots on that board disappear. Watch your worries about mid-games disappear when you play this game as well.


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