Cute animals coloring book set by Irina Schens


Animal Coloring Book is addicting and relaxing entertainment for all ages! This simple and cute drawing app will help you calm down and improve your mood. Download it now and enjoy many amazing coloring pages!

Find out what our happy users are saying:

by vampfairh – 5 stars, United States,
This is a very cute and enjoyable app which can be used by all ages.

by ktmfactoryrider – 5 stars, United States,
Great books! I really like these coloring books, my granddaughter spends hours with them. Thank you very much for making them!

by brookiebeth 84 – 5 stars, United Kingdom,
Great! Very easy and relaxing! Have a good application!

by hnyburg – 5 stars, United States,
Fun game! My daughter and I invented fun turn-based games. We’ve been playing for years. I wish they had more free pages.

by Spellbinding1980 – 5 stars, United Kingdom,
Animals, animals and more animals! If you live with animals, you will love this app!

by Taitlynn – 5 stars, United States,
It’s a good varied game that you should get, there is too much to talk about and some really fun coloring pictures.

by zohayden – 5 stars, Canada,
Awesome app! It’s an amazing app that I love to color in all the different photos!

by Bubs88 & – 5 stars, United Kingdom,
I love this! Hello, I love my pets and it reminds me of my adorable pets. Thanks for making this game!

by 47 rodents – 5 stars, United States,
Coloring is helping my severe depression!

by Spellbinding1980 – 5 stars, United Kingdom,
Animals, animals and more animals! If you live with animals, you will love this app!

by gollythepug – 5 stars, Canada,
I find this coloring app very funny. My little neighbor and I have used it several times. The app offers many options for you to use. Thank you! This is my favorite coloring app!

There are 2 main modes you can use to color the pictures:
1. With finger drawing mode, you can easily color the pages in the lines with your finger:
– to do this, select any coloring page you want then select the “pen” tool in the top menu
– then select the color you like in the bottom menu then draw with your finger on the selected image

2. In 1-touch color mode, you can easily color image segments with one touch:
– to do this, select the “tube” tool in the top menu then the color you like in the bottom menu.
– after that just tap anywhere on the coloring page and the corresponding part of the image will be filled with the selected color

3. When you have finished your coloring, feel free to share it with your friends and family on all available social networks by pressing the “photo” button.

4. If you want to clear the coloring page and start over, use the “Reset” button to do so.

– Simple and easy freehand drawing mode in lines
– Color only fill mode to select and fill any part with the desired color
– Erase mode for fine erasing or full color restoration
– Save, share and print your illustrations on any connected device
– Slim and easy to use user interface
– Nice and relaxing background music, or use your own background music if you like
– Universal app that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
– Supports older devices from iOS 9.0 and above

– Improve your eye-hand coordination
– Unlock and help develop your creativity
– Improve your concentration skills
– Relief from stress and anxiety.

If for some reason you accidentally lock the app, you can easily restore your in-app purchase without having to pay again! To do this, please proceed as follows:
1. Start the application
2. In the main menu, press the settings button then select the “restore purchases” menu.
3. Provide your iTunes username / password if required
4. Done 🙂


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