Crayola Create and Play is a fun nostalgic coloring book for a digital generation


Color in fun pictures with digital markers, paints, crayons, crayons and more at Crayola Create and Play.


A new box of Crayola pencils – especially the 64 dot novelty boxes – was one of the best things you could receive as an artistic growing child. Crayola Create and Play – an art game from Red Games Co. – reinvents that feeling for a generation that is growing up with much more digital content. Crayola Create and Play arrived fully unlocked on Apple Arcade Friday. New title marks Apple Arcade’s 220th game on its subscription service.

The original version of Crayola Create and Play is still available in the App Store, but there are in-app purchases. The Apple Play version unlocks everything without the need for additional expenses.

Crayola Create and Play is packed with fun features like coloring pages, dealing with in-game creatures and plants, arcade-style and learning games, puzzles, and more. I was impressed with everything there was to do in this game. It encourages creativity and curiosity with a digital version of Crayola art supplies (remember the stamp markers?) While encouraging kids to think about letters, numbers, problem solving and more. There are no “wrong” answers, just creativity.


You can unlock animals in Crayola Create and Play, feed them, dress them, make them totally unique and more.


As you complete more activities, a small progress bar will fill up on the screen. Once it’s full you’ll unlock a chest with a new coloring sheet or pet. In addition, there is a gallery to save the works of art.

Crayola Create and Play also has a hub for parents that explains how the app works, what activities are available to explore, settings, an FAQ for any additional questions, and more.

“Since many of us at Crayola are parents, we know it can be difficult to be sure that your child’s screen time is helping them grow, learn and think creatively. “Says Crayola’s interactive team in the parent hub. “That’s why we decided to take all the best parts of Crayola and create a safe and creative environment. [and] fun app. ”

In addition to the new game, Apple Arcade recently released updates for Lego Star Wars Battles, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, Tetris Beat, Solitaire Stories, Sonic Racing, SongPop Party, Slash Quest !, Cricket Through the Ages, and Agent Intercept. . If you want to try Apple Arcade, you can subscribe from the App Store. Just press the little joystick at the bottom of the screen.


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