Cirrus Streaming launches a new interactive streaming app


Cirrus Streaming launches a new interactive streaming app

Cirrus Streaming

Cirrus Streaming, a global streaming provider for broadcasters, launches its latest native streaming app for radio stations and broadcasters. The new app enables broadcasters to allow listeners to interact and engage with their favorite station on mobile in new and unique ways. Cirrus Streaming provides the live streaming app to broadcasters free of charge, enabling a dedicated listening experience through iOS and Android.

Cirrus Streaming has implemented several new features in this latest version. Broadcasters can create embedded polls, where listeners can answer a variety of different questions. This feature allows broadcasters to get real-time insight into listener preferences.

Listeners can also record audio clips that can be streamed at any time by the broadcaster. Additionally, listeners can create song alerts via push notifications when a song they flagged is about to play.

Streamers have full customization and branding capabilities through Cirrus Streaming’s app editor. The editor simplifies the customization process by allowing broadcasters to edit its design in their browser. They can upload custom skins, choose color schemes, add images and logos, create custom menus, create listener polls, and enable or disable app features at any time. Due to the customization offered, no two apps are ever the same.

“Creating and delivering content online is a full-time job these days. We want to support and help broadcasters grow in this digital space, so we believe giving broadcasters full control over their digital offerings is what sets us apart in this industry,” Cirrus said. Nick Csakany, CEO of Streaming.

Similar to Cirrus Streaming’s desktop offerings, the app offers broadcasters advertising flexibility. With Cirrus Streaming’ proprietary ad server, broadcasters can create mobile-targeted ad campaigns and/or enroll in the Cirrus Streaming ad opportunity network to generate additional revenue.


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