Best free Switch games for young kids 2022


Source: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch is a portable console with a little something for everyone. Since Nintendo works with independent developers, the Nintendo eShop has plenty of titles you can enjoy without spending a dime. New games are added every day, which can make finding the best free Switch games for kids a bit overwhelming. I spent some time browsing the store to check out the best, so here are my picks.

comic coloring book

Comic coloring book coloring page switchSource: RedDeerGames

Who doesn’t love coloring and storytelling as a classic way to pass the time? With Comic Coloring Book, children will be able to enjoy the stories told by their pictures while expressing their creativity through the color of their choice. Plus, it also helps develop motor skills and learn the names of colors and shapes. In the free part of this game, children will have three stories with four drawings each, all directly on Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite or Switch OLED. The stories each center on a brother and sister who play with their toy robot and alpacorn in different scenarios. If your kids really love stories, there are some extra DLC stories available for purchase if you want to add them later!

Comic coloring book hero switch

comic coloring book

Coloring, stories, stickers and a fun fantasy world! Discover all the joys of coloring without the mess or colors on the walls.

Jump Rope Challenge

Screenshot of jump rope challenge switchSource: Nintendo

Using technology does not necessarily mean staying sedentary! In this fitness game, players use the Joy-Con controllers like an imaginary skipping rope to see how many times they can skip without stopping. Every day there will be a new challenge and the player’s progress is tracked so they can attempt to beat their previous score. As an added bonus to keep it interesting, jumping earns players points which they can then use to customize their bunny character.

Jump Rope Challenge Hero Switch

Jump Rope Challenge

Get moving with this jump on fitness! Help your kids burn off some energy and see how a little daily practice can lead to big improvements.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon QuestSource: Nintendo

It’s a Pokémon game like no other! In this adorable cube adventure, players explore the island of Tumblecube to search for treasure and gather materials used to lure Pokémon to their base. Go on expeditions, decorate, cook and earn more friends along the way. There are even fun DLCs available for purchase that unlock more Expeditions and Stones to upgrade the Pokemon.

Pokémon quest screenshot

Pokemon Quest

Enjoy a whole new type of Pokémon game! Explore with your Pokémon and build a camp to attract more friends.

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Pokemon Cafe Mix CopySource: The Pokémon Company

Another unique Pokémon game is Pokémon Café ReMix. Set in an adorable little cafe, players can build it from the ground up and attract new Pokémon customers through puzzles. The goal is to link as many identical Pokémon faces as possible to clear the board until each level’s goal is met. As the game continues, the possibilities expand with more recipes unlocked and creatures that can work at the shop!

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

This cute and simple puzzle game brings some Pokemon favorites and lets you build a cute cafe with them by your side. Earn new recipes by completing puzzles, which will allow you to accommodate even more creatures.

rocket league

Rocket League SwitchSource: Psyonix

In this fast-paced and sporting arena, the objective is the same as football, but the players are all cars. Cars have special abilities to help achieve team goals. Be aware that players can play online or locally for friends to join, so you should make sure your parental controls are set to your liking on the Switch.

Rocket League Switch Heroes

rocket league

Race across the field in super powerful cars to score the winning goal in this football competition. In the Switch version of this game, you’ll find Nintendo-exclusive customizations!

Simple and safe

While there aren’t many free titles for young kids right now, these free Switch games are safe and easy to play. The advantage is that they are not just for children! You might also have fun joining your kids in these games.

If your kids are looking for familiar faces with simple gameplay, Pokémon Quest and Pokémon Café are great choices. For something that encourages your child to move their body and pursue goals and improve, Jump Rope Challenge is a fun and easy way to get into it. If you’re willing to spend a little, you’ll also find plenty of great educational games for under $20, but this list is a good place to start.

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