Best Coloring Book Games on Steam


Coloring is not only for children, but also for adults, and it comes in many forms. These include coloring types like classic coloring pages, pixel art, paint by numbers, and nonograms. Coloring can also be depicted not only in physical form but digitally whether it is an app or online.

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Coloring helps relieve stress for many people. Steam offers many of these types of games that can help people relax and unwind. National Coloring Book Day is August 2, so if people want to try their hand at coloring without going out and buying crayons, there are plenty of games to download instead.

seven Pixel art coloring book

Pixel art coloring book is a relaxing paint by number game with pixel graphics. Players choose colors and add them to the corresponding numbers in the pictures. There is a huge range of images from beautiful to silly and more. Players can color from themes such as animals, anime, mandalas, pop art, architecture, and food.

The game offers different textures and filters to add extra creativity to the images. Players can use tools to zoom in on specific areas, color continuously, paint cells the same color, and paint entire areas. The game is free.

6 Picross Touch

Picross Touch is an indie puzzle strategy game where players complete logic puzzles to color a picture. Players must use the numbers on the side of the grid to fill in the boxes and create an image. Each puzzle has a unique solution and there are thousands of levels and various game options to suit different playstyles.

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Players can pause and return to puzzles at any time and undo actions. The game has a workshop to browse other players’ levels and a level editor to create and share their own puzzles. A theme editor even lets users select a color and generates a theme for them.

5 Draw a puzzle 画之谜

Draw a puzzle is a casual indie puzzle game. Players must connect squares of the same color and number to complete the pixel art image. The game offers four modes: normal, puzzle, challenge and random. In normal mode there are over a hundred puzzles of different sizes, while in puzzle mode there are larger puzzles made up of smaller puzzles.

The game features a level editor that allows players to create their own pixel art, create puzzles, and share their work online. This function supports importing and exporting images. Draw a puzzle is free and all updates are available free of charge.

4 coloring pixels

coloring pixels is a casual paint by number game with 2D pixel art. Players add colors to corresponding number blocks in the picture to color the pictures. There are tons of images with different themes, difficulties, and sizes. There are over ninety free levels and over three hundred levels in total.

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The game has many useful features besides giving hints to players. coloring pixels has a dark mode option, multiple fonts, controls that can be bounced, and lots of contrast options.

3 Pictopix

Pictopix is an indie game that uses logic puzzles to reveal pictures, often called nonograms. This is done by filling or leaving empty boxes according to the numbers written on the side of the grids. There are over three hundred colorful puzzles and multiple grid sizes you can zoom into. The game includes four modes: Classic, Tiles, Endless, and Challenges.

Players can pause and resume puzzles, undo and redo actions, temporarily mark boxes, and more. Pictopixhas a puzzle editor that allows players to create their own puzzles and share them online. There are even trading cards and achievements to unlock.

2 Coloring book for adults

Coloring book for adults a casual and relaxing coloring game. Unlike the Paint By Numbers activities, this game does not describe which colors go where. Instead, players can create their own color schemes from multiple color palettes, swatches, and shades. There are tons of characters, objects and designs to color in, from pop art to food to animals. The game includes twenty coloring pages with up to thirty coloring sheets per page.

The game offers the ability to zoom in on specific areas for detailed coloring. Relaxing background music is available to turn on. The finished artwork can be saved and downloaded. Coloring book for adults is the perfect game to showcase a player’s creativity and originality.

1 Coloring game

Coloring game is an anti-stress Paint By Numbers series with pixel graphics. The games have three modes: numbered pixels only, highlight coloring area only, and a combination of both. There are a variety of tools available, like instant area navigation, easy line coloring with hotkeys, and a button to undo any action.

Players can animate pixel art by fully completing the image. The base games come with fifteen free levels, and inexpensive DLCs are available in categories like Steampunk, Cats & Dogs, Sports, Art Museum, and more.

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