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If you were looking for a storyline to make the 2022 Commonwealth Games worth your time, look no further than the Team Australia swimming love triangle that is all the rage Down Under.

Cody Simpson, who competes in the 100m freestyle and backstroke, is now dating fellow Australian swimmer Emma McKeon (a five-time Olympic gold medalist), who was dating fellow Australian swimmer Kyle Chalmers until their split in 2021. Simpson isn’t just a random swimmer picking up McKeon. The guy has previously dated supermodel Gigi Hadid and singer Miley Cyrus.

You’re damn right, Australian news outlets are going crazy with this coverage. And Chalmers, who calls the supposed feud between him and Simpson “fake news”, is fed up with the nonsense.

Aussie swimmer Cody Simpson (left) is now dating Aussie swimmer Emma McKeon (centre), who split from fellow Aussie swimmer Kyle Chalmers a year ago/Instagram/Getty Images

“It’s just fake news which is actually crap,” Chalmers, who threatened to quit swimming because of it, told reporters. “That’s honestly just a load of bullshit that’s not true.”

The ex-boyfriend had not finished defending himself.

When the Australian media started talking to him about what turned out to be an awkward backlash with McKeon after a mixed stint, Chalmers was ready to go to war with the media.

“Did you watch the whole race? I said congratulations and we [McKeon] stood here right next to you guys and spoke last night,” Chalmers added, after being accused of ignoring his ex after the Australia win.

“I really can’t believe I didn’t say my congratulations after the race. I actually walked over and said “good job” from the other side of the pool.

This is where an internet veteran can help poor Kyle. He’s way too defensive with those answers. The best way to handle this is to turn it on the reporters laughing at the suggestion that he’s deranged and that there’s actually a love triangle at play here.

Kyle must be smarter. He has to come out in front of the media. Go on the attack, Kyle. Take control of the press conference.

At the very beginning, you explain to the media that there is absolutely no problem with Simpson dating McKeon. You speak well of her. You praise Simpson.

And you do it on your own terms. Control the press conference, Kyle!

Emma and I were going in different directions in life. I’m so happy she found someone. She deserves nothing but happiness. However, I need to see if Cody has any ex-girlfriends I could go out with…laugh…laugh…laugh.

Slap the back of some media. Laugh. No more pats on the back. Laugh.

Go win a race.

Get out of the pool and when they want to ask you more about Emma, ​​the answer is simple: “[Laughter] …I have to check my phone to see if Cody gave me any dates while I was out there dominating that race”…laughs…laughs…slaps.

“Now I need a beer. Where are we drinking? Who’s in? I’m buying the first round and no more. I know you’re going to bankrupt me. Laugh…laugh…laugh.

Boom, the Big J drunks are here, they love you again, you provide quotes that will be turned into content, and you have them on your side.

Stop playing defense, Kyle!


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