10 PS4 games that run much better on PS5


Via GamesRadar, the new PS5 system software update was just released on September 7, including several player-requested features like holiday screen sharing, faster in-game join from chat party and, most importantly, a 1440p HDMI video output. The transition from PS4 to PS5 reinvigorates previous console games with faster loading times and optimal graphics qualities, bringing every little detail to the eyes of the gamer.


Most gamers were inexplicably excited to play PS5 upgraded versions of titles, such as the last of us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, maximizing the gameplay of many favorite PS4 video games. Over time, more and more games worthy of graphical upgrades will be added under the PS5’s exemplary belt, and some have already left a lasting impact on its quality.

dark souls 3

dark souls 3, FromSoftware’s March 2016 Pride and Joy action role-playing game, has received critical acclaim since its release. Those who thought the apocalyptic masterpiece couldn’t get any better can get excited once again.

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When played on the PS5, the game has no issues running at 60 FPS, while the Xbox Series X capped it at 30 FPS as it was when it was originally released. Now the gameplay is smooth and worthy of making this list, thanks to Sony’s incredible innovation. Due to this improved way of playing, dark souls 3 Unquestionably will go down as one of the best running Souls games to date.

Metro Exodus

Yet another apocalyptic game that’s improved in quality when played on the PS5, Metro ExodusThe intricate system of winding tunnels and grimy train tracks easily transports the player into its eye-catching world, enhanced only by increasing its FPS to 60. Additionally, its mesmerizing illuminative aesthetic is a spellbinding and glorious sight to behold in graphics just hold a candle to the PS4, but set it completely on fire.

With these software changes, he helped combine the PS5 controller’s faster load times and insane DualSense adaptive triggers that make every weapon pop while mirroring the tension of a real trigger. These improvements certainly cement Metro Exodus as one of the console’s most improved games.

Control: Ultimate Edition

The PS4 had a hard time digesting Control: Ultimate Editionintense graphics, causing constant frame loss. But, the PS5 knocked it out of the park, truly demonstrating its superiority over its predecessor.

Have full control over Control: Ultimate Edition, the graphics mode of the PS5 offers the player crisp graphics in 1440p resolution which are presented in the massive amounts of reflective objects throughout the game, creating a glitzy effect when playing. Similarly, playing in Performance mode allows Control unleashes its highest potential at 60 FPS, as well as its native 4K resolution.

Final Fantasy VII: Intergrade Remake

The Final Fantasy VII the remake was apparently intended for the PS5. The game reborn in a modern style with added real-time combat shone beautifully on the console and gave doubters a hard time.

With its new update doubling its FPS to 60, smoother gameplay and sharper textures, the PS5 excels at making some of the best RPG villains even more imminent than ever. After all, looking longingly at the flowing silver hair of Sephiroth (who uses an entire bottle of shampoo and conditioner every time he washes it) in mesmerizing graphics simply can’t be understated.

Days gone

Mimicking a live action style when running on the PS5, Days gone looks so good it could almost be mistaken for a Hollywood blockbuster, if given a quick glance by an unsuspecting observer. Specifically, when played on the Game Boost patch, the game really comes to life.

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Halving load times, a staple of many previous-gen console games on the PS5, is even better with Days Gone’the unreal 4K resolution. While the game likely won’t get a sequel in the next few years, playing it on the PS5 absolutely helps cushion the blow while we wait for further announcements.

No Man’s Sky

First, No Man’s Sky disappointed players around the world due to its lack of interesting or exciting things to do in such a popular open world. Luckily, with updates on updates still being released, the game has become just as amazing as it could have been on day one. On top of that, its 60 FPS, 4K resolution loads quickly, and heavy detailed settings greatly boost its replay value.

Using the PS5’s DualSense haptic feedback to reward gamers with incredible 3D AuidoTech, along with the satisfaction of firing a Boltcaster and feeling the changes of the artificial terrain, the game has undoubtedly rocked its fans’ worlds. Known as one of the least stressful multiplayer games, No Man’s Sky further relieves gamers with the revolutionary graphics capabilities of the PS5.

The shadow of the colossus

Known for being one of the most improved remastered video games of all time, the classic PS2 original The shadow of the colossus flickers when played on the PS5, easily scaling to 4K and a pristine 60 FPS.

After its initial patch on the PS5, the game blows it out of the water with its ever-expanding landscapes, as the player battles 16 colossi to save her, the damsel of the The shadow of the colossus. As the nameless hero slays monumental creatures, players will experience the vast and even more detailed world thanks to the console’s processing capabilities.

The last of us part 2

Modeling satin smoothness combined with upscaled 1440p to 4K resolution thanks to the Game Boost update, the PS5 is gone The last of us‘ The previous PS4 version in the dust, despite being released at the end of the old console’s reign.

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The maximized quality of the game is on display with every drop of blood gushing from the bodies of the undead. On top of that, crisper character animations and DualSense make every chamber or reloaded stock breathe life. Now fans just have to wonder how amazing the next game in the series will be.

Ghost of Tsushima

With the addition of his Director’s Cut and PS5 specs, even Ghost of TsushimaThe armor is at its best, and the game’s replay value may never diminish, though many fans will say it was already invaluable in the first place.

Due to its extended loading times and seemingly endless landscapes, playing the game a second time would cost a bit more time. However, not only do load times go by in a flash when run on the PS5, its elaborate sword fights are all the more exceptional at 60 FPS and with DualSense resistance than ever before.

God of the war

As Kratos and his son uncover the secrets of the Nine Realms on their long journey, PS5 players will experience the game’s northern regions in strikingly beautiful color, only enhanced by his mature combat moves.

Even before its time on PS5, the reboot of God of the war was considered one of the greatest of all time. Now, with the PS5’s Enhanced Performance Mode, the game can be played in glorious checkerboard 4K resolution with deep learning super-sampling and (as expected) 60 FPS. Plus, there’s also DualSense rumble during actions such as climbing or rowing a boat.

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