You can now download a free Star Trek: Prodigy coloring book


Fans who want to can now download a Star Trek: Prodigy coloring book for free.

Star Trek is for all ages now more than ever. They have a variety of shows for a variety of fans and while the quality may differ from fan to fan, there is variety. That’s not a bad thing, though some shows didn’t land the way the franchise had hoped.

One of the things that this wide range of shows has allowed them to do is to appeal more to younger fans without compromising the experience of older, longtime fans. They did so in the family-centric series Star Trek: Prodigy, the second of two animated shows currently airing.

While Star Trek has, for the most part, been open to most ages, that hasn’t always been the case, and the series has never been made for younger fans. Prodigy is, and that’s why it’s so good to finally see them speak to younger fans.

Right now on the official Star Trek website, you can download a free coloring book to do as you please.

Star Trek: Prodigy Better Make More Free Ideas

One of the best things about being a kid was all the fun stuff that came with our favorite franchises. We’re talking free comics and video games in cereal boxes, toys that come with extra parts so you can build a new toy if you’ve bought the whole series.

Free events that kids attend for free, meet and greets, and all that goodness. To really entice fans into Star Trek: Prodigy, especially younger ones, they need to go deeper into the market for free items for kids to enjoy.

The more free stuff young fans can take advantage of, the more likely they’ll be to give the show a chance.

If the show succeeds, then the franchise succeeds, and the key to Prodigy’s success is satisfying young fans.


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