Windows Camera Application Error 0x200F4246 (0x80040154)


Windows has a built-in camera app for those who want to use their webcam. However, sometimes the application stops working and returns the error code 0x200F4246 (0x80040154). If you want to fix Windows Camera app error 0x200F4246 (0x80040154) on your system, please read this article.

Windows Camera Application Error 0x200F4246 (0x80040154)

Try the following solutions in order:

  1. Update camera drivers
  2. Run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter
  3. Run SFC scan
  4. Repair / Reset Camera app

1]Update camera drivers

To use the camera, the camera drivers must work well, otherwise it will break the connection between hardware and software. So our first approach to solving the issue in the discussion should be to update the camera drivers. A better idea would be to run Intel Driver and Support Assistant or AMD Driver AutoDetect on your computer to update all drivers at the same time.

2]Run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Troubleshooting Windows Store apps Windows 11

The Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter is a great tool for diagnosing issues with Windows Store apps such as the Camera app. He will try to fix the problem if possible. Otherwise, it will return the cause of the error. The procedure for running the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter is as follows:

Right click on the To start up button and select Settings.

In the Settings window, go to the System tab on the list on the left side.

In the right pane, select Repair.

On the next page, select Other convenience stores.

In the list of troubleshooters, click To run corresponding to the Troubleshooting Windows Store apps.

3]Run the SFC scan

If the error is caused by missing or corrupted system files, an SFC scan can help you resolve the issue. The procedure for performing an SFC scan is as follows:

Look for “command prompt” in the Windows search bar.

Corresponding to the Command Prompt application, select Execute as administrator. This will open the raised Command Prompt the window.

In the elevated Command Prompt window, type the following command and press Enter:

SFC /scannow

Restart your system and check if that helps resolve the issue.

4]Repair / Reset Camera app

Windows Camera Application Error 0x200F4246 (0x80040154)

If the above mentioned steps fail, you can consider repairing / resetting Camera app from system.

Right click on the To start up button and select Settings from the menu.

In the Settings menu, go to the applications tab on the list on the left side.

In the right pane, select Apps and Features.

Scroll to Camera app and click on the three dots associated with it. Select Advanced options.

Scroll to Reset section. You will find 2 options – Repair and Reset.

First, use the repair option to repair the application. If that doesn’t work, use the Reset button to reset the Camera app.

Please let us know in the comments section if this was helpful.

Why doesn’t my camera stop crashing Windows?

While there can be several causes of camera crashing or freezing, the most common are driver failure, interference from the security suite, and a problem with the registry. Nonetheless, if the webcam continues to freeze or crash, the issue can be easily resolved with proper guidance.

How do I reinstall the Camera app?

The Camera app can be reinstalled like any other app from the Microsoft Store. Go to Settings> Apps> Apps & Features and uninstall the Camera app. You can reinstall it from the Camera app in the Microsoft Store afterwards.


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