WhatsApp is the biggest app to adopt a themed icon for Android 13


The next app to adopt a dynamic Android 13 icon is WhatsApp, and it’s currently in beta

Themed icons were one of the biggest parts of Android 12’s redesign, allowing Google service logos to match the overall look of your phone. Android 13 enables dynamic app icons on third-party services for the first time, so you won’t have to ruin whatever material you design on your home screen if you want other apps to be easily accessible. That said, we have to wait for the developers to introduce the icons, and WhatsApp is the latest to release its version.


The new dynamic icon is still in beta (via WABetaInfo), and if you signed up for the service with a device that’s running Android 13, you should find that it’s now available to you. This is part of WhatsApp Beta for Android This means that the WhatsApp icon is now available in a monochromatic design, and the icon’s background will now follow the coloring chosen for your UI theme. An example below shows you the option in a rose pink color swatch.

Until now, third-party options for dynamic icons have been sparse, with highlights being Bitwarden, Inware, Poached, Sync for Redditand vivino. WhatsApp joining this list makes it the most used third-party app to receive a dynamic icon. With Meta shipping with this latest WhatsApp update, hopefully that means more big names will support the option now that Android 13 is officially here.

We don’t yet know when the final update will be available, but we hope it will be soon so you can get this option on your Android 13 phone without signing up for the beta.

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