VirtoSoftware Launches New Gantt Chart App That Makes Project Management More Powerful


VirtoSoftware launches the renewed Gantt chart online application for Office 365 – now available in Microsoft AppSource.

Press release

August 16, 2022 9:00 a.m. PDT

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2022 ( –
VirtoSoftware presents the latest update to the Virto Gantt Chart application for Office 365.

improvement Gantt chart app understand :

  • Supports fully customized create/edit task forms
  • Provides automatic scheduling option
  • Allows users to save a chart in PDF format
  • Designed for modern sites

The effectiveness of task management has a direct impact on the degree of information and clarity of data. Tasks and recipients, order and structure, deadlines and milestones are best perceived when represented visually. Gantt chart is a traditional task/project management tool created to better visualize tasks.

VirtoSoftware has designed the Gantt Chart application to meet well-known task management logic and apply it to Office 365. Virto Gantt Chart takes data from a custom SharePoint list and generates the task tree. The only requirement is to set the start and end date for each task in the source list.

Virto Gantt chart Application allows users to see the structure of complex tasks in parent-child relationships, track and change the order of tasks or specify predecessors, add milestones or edit using drag and drop to edit duration and percentage complete of tasks. A flexible color coding feature is also on the list. Since Virto Gantt Chart supports using multiple SharePoint lists in a single view, color coding can be applied to distinguish data sources, as well as to change the colors of tasks, milestones, and the percent complete display. The graph is easily scalable, users only need to choose the right timescale appropriate for the case.

Create/edit custom task forms

Users can choose what information they need to see in the task form. For example, it is possible to leave only the name of the task and the deadline on the form. Or the complete list of fields with description, resources, predecessors and timeline is preferable. Users decide.

Automatic scheduling option

When users enforce parent-child relationships, it would be nice to have the ability to modify child tasks based on the parent task. For example, when someone reschedules the parent task, the child task deadlines also change. To do this, the Virto Gantt Chart application offers the automatic scheduling option.

Save as PDF

The app also supports saving charts in PDF format. This simple option may be required when users need to email the chart or attach chart details elsewhere in SharePoint or anywhere else.

Source: VirtoSoftware


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