Users of a popular dating app say conservative views on several key issues are ‘deal breakers’


Are you looking for love on a dating app? If you have conservative political views, good luck.

Popular dating app OkCupid recently discovered that an overwhelming majority of its users say less-than-progressive views on climate change, gender equality and gun control are “deal breakers” when is about finding a match.

After surveying 250,000 users worldwide over the past year, the dating app revealed that a whopping 90% considered it ‘important’ for their match to care about climate change and 81% agreed. said they were “concerned” about climate change.

The issue, which topped the list of potential rejects, has apparently been growing in prominence among people of dating age for some time now.

Jane Reynolds, Director of Product Marketing at OkCupid, said to the hill: “We just saw that over time climate change is more and more this huge topic for our millennial daters in particular. People think that with climate change it says so much more about you – if it’s something you believe in and are concerned about.”

“We joke that caring about climate change is the new big, dark and beautiful,” Reynolds joked.

The Hill reported that after climate change on the list of dating app dealbreakers came opinions on gender equality and gun control.

OkCupid’s dataset reportedly showed that 76% of users globally said their partners had to support gender equality in the past year. Meanwhile, a survey spanning the past three years found that 66% of some 2 million US-based users said they support tougher gun control laws.

Personal opinions may particularly matter on OkCupid, as the dating app uses an algorithm that asks users multiple-choice questions on a litany of topics ranging from the mundane to the heavy-handed. Some issues serve as “good conversation starters,” while others can “make or break” a match, Reynolds noted.

Another deal breaker could be a user’s view of feminism, or whether they consider themselves a feminist. The Jerusalem Post reports this week that a study by OkCupid found that over the past five years, there has been a 600% increase in women’s profiles that say “looking for a feminist” or “feminists only.”

For what it’s worth, Reynolds acknowledged to The Hill that OkCupid is “a progressive app” that tends to appeal to “more open-minded” people.

It seems the conservatives in the online dating scene may want to look elsewhere.


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