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Every possible joke has already been made about Netflix Games being, or not, “the Netflix of games”, so we won’t waste your time trying to find another one. Ultimately, Netflix Games does its own thing from other subscription services, and given that almost everyone has or already has access to a Netflix account, there’s no barrier to entrance so that a wide audience can consult its library of games. All you need is a smartphone and the Netflix app, and you’re ready to check out their library.

While Netflix Games doesn’t have a ton of content yet, there’s still enough to cause choice paralysis, especially if you’ve never heard of many of the games on offer. Much like the range of shows and movies on Netflix proper, not all games are of the same quality or will be to your liking. Rather than scrolling through the options and never settling on a choice like you do when trying to choose a movie, try one of our picks for the best games on Netflix Games.

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We start with the one game that some are likely to recognise: Moonlight. This indie hit came out much earlier on PC and consoles, but made its way to your phone via Netflix Games. This is a beautiful pixel art game in which you play as Will, a trader in a town who must explore dangerous dungeons to acquire goods which you will then resell during the day. A half Zelda-style 2D adventure with lots of rogue-like elements and half a management simulation, Moonlight is a very charming game with hours and hours of content to keep you coming back. However, thanks to the split nature of the game between dungeon diving at night and running your shop during the day, it’s also perfect for smaller play sessions.


A blue cat chasing a creature.

poinpy will grab your attention with an adorable art style, but once you start playing, you’ll be glued to your screen. This gem comes from the developer of Basically, one of the best phone games ever, so the team knows what makes a mobile game addictive. Unlike this last game, poinpy simply asks you to direct your character upwards, aiming your jumps from platform to platform. It’s that simple at first, but things quickly get more complex as new things to keep in mind and watch out for as you climb higher and higher. If you know you’re a sucker for those games that make you say “just one more run”, then poinpy is a must.

wonderful forever

A strange golf course.

Mini-golf games were some of the most popular back when Flash games were big, and while they’re arguably better than ever, for some reason they aren’t talked about as much. This shouldn’t be the case for Wonderful forever, which is an almost therapeutic experience. Everything from the perspective to the soundtrack, and even the *clock* sound of hitting the golf ball simply conjures up a chill vibe. There’s no pressure, just fun courses to run through to see what cool new place takes you next. wonderful forever is as magical as you thought mini golf courses were when you were a kid, and it’s fun to play.

Krispee Street

A cartoon city street.

Based on the webcomic of the same name, Krispee Street takes the same concept that made adult coloring books a reality, just for seniors Where is Waldo? books. The art is the most important factor here, because looking at things is the whole idea of ​​this game, and thankfully, it’s amazing. Every inch of each spread is littered with personality, from the weird, yet cheerful creatures, to a pair of eyes on a fire hydrant. No inch of space makes it feel like you’ve wasted your time looking there, even if you can’t find the item you’re looking for. You can play through each level, earn coins as you go, complete daily challenges, or just load up zen mode and relax playing for as long as you want. Whether Krispee Street can revive your childhood spirit, nothing will.

Smash Remastered

A brick breaker with explosions.

Apart Snake and Tetris, one of the first games most people played on their phones was a kind of brick breaker. It’s no surprise why. All you have to do is move a racket left or right to bounce a ball until you’ve hit all the bricks above, much like a solo player Pong. Smash Remastered takes that formula, but ramps up the variety for a massive arcade experience. The core is obviously the same, but add different types of bricks, score multipliers, and other bonuses and abilities you can use to redirect the ball, and suddenly things get a whole lot more engaging. Levels always add at least a little spice each time and never take more than a few minutes of your time. This game won’t be one you want to play for hours or even a single hour, but it’s great when you have a few minutes to kill and want something bright and exciting.

It’s a true story

A woman in a blazing desert.

The exact opposite of bright and exciting, but amazing for other reasons, is It’s a true story. While the title isn’t meant to be directly literal, it’s certainly a story that many people have experienced in some form worth spotlighting. The entire game was created to raise awareness of the water crisis and focuses on Bontu, a woman on a journey to fetch water for her family. While it’s not something most players have to think twice about, this narrative puzzle game really helps describe how difficult it is for people in less fortunate parts of the world to survive. It’s not too much of a game as you might expect, but it’s still a powerful piece of art that can inspire you to try to solve this terrible problem.

Into the Dead 2: Unleashed

A man standing in front of parked cars.

First-person shooters on mobile have come a long way, but are still far from what you’d want if you came from a console with a controller. Into the Dead 2: Unleashed decides to go the more arcade route and get you on your way, much like a House of the Dead style game. Much like those arcade neighborhood nibblers, the plot is worn down in Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, but focuses on a fun and satisfying trek through zombie-infested levels. It’s not terribly difficult, and in no way scary or innovative at all, but it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon traversing a linear zombie game without throwing a cup full of coins in an arcade cabinet with a sticky plastic gun attached.

Relic Hunters: Rebels

A dog shooting a big duck.

Another pixel art game that incorporates rogue-like elements, Relic Hunters: Rebels is much more of a throwback to classic SNES top-down shooters. You choose from one of four heroes, each with different abilities, and jump through levels to blast waves of enemies, level up, and battle bosses. While it might look like a simple shooter that you can just turn off your brain for, and if you want you can definitely have fun, the story is actually quite interesting if you decide to pay attention to it. Full of fun and quirky weapons, shiny enemies and tons to unlock and craft, Relic Hunters: Rebels is a perfect match for playing on the go without feeling watered down.

Hextech Mayhem

An explosion on floating platforms.

It’s a little visually confusing at first glance, but Hextech Mayhem is actually a rhythm game. You play as both Yordle and Ziggs helping to set off explosives at the right time, pace and as the character moves to the right position, to detonate them and bounce them off obstacles, defeat enemies and solve small puzzles. Really, however, you don’t have to think so much about What you do as long as you keep the beat and hit the buttons in time. The graphics are all 3D and animated with tons of characters, such as buildings in the background that move to the beat and enemies that move before blasting them to smithereens. Technically, this is part of the League of Legends universe, but as Esoteric proven, you don’t have to be a fan of this game to love what this one has to offer.

Xtreme Asphalt

A car drifting in the sand.

What better game to complete this list than a good old racer. Xtreme Asphalt is a watcher on your phone, especially as you roam the environments at a hundred miles an hour. You can race in a wide selection of cars, monster trucks, buggies and supercars in all types of environments. Each car can also be customized and upgraded to make it feel more personal. If you’re playing alone, there’s a fun career mode to work your way through and over a hundred challenges to always give you something new to try. Or you can compete online and race with up to seven other players to see who can master the course and emerge victorious.

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