The 5 best adult coloring book apps for Android


You might think that coloring is for children, but it has many benefits for the health and mind of adults. Coloring is more than a fun hobby. It helps improve your motor skills, your vision, the quality of your sleep and relieve stress.

You will also notice an improvement in your concentration. This is because staining opens up the frontal lobe responsible for solving problems. With the growing popularity of adult coloring books, you will find high quality Android apps to explore your creativity.

These coloring apps will help you reduce stress and anxiety wherever you are. To help you get started right away, we’ve picked out the best coloring apps for you to enjoy today.

1. Color therapy for adults

It is so important to focus on your mental health. There are plenty of therapy and counseling apps you can try, including adult coloring apps. The Color Therapy app gives you a relaxing outlet by coloring pictures on your smartphone. You get 50 coloring pictures with different color palettes and color shades to enjoy all day long.

The interface is user-friendly, with simple navigation and easy controls for a great coloring experience. With different textures and shades, you can create your artwork in no time. You can then save all your work and share it on your social networks with your friends.

This coloring app also offers a night mode. The Color Therapy app is suitable for adults to help them improve their mental and logical skills. It will provide you with hours of entertainment and help reduce your anxiety.

To download: Color therapy (To free)


While most adults practice meditation for overcoming stress and anxiety, coloring books also offer different forms of therapy to stay mentally healthy.

With the Colorfit drawing and coloring app, you can access over 1000 coloring pages to help reduce your anxiety. This app includes additional coloring tools like natural brushes to enhance your coloring experience.

You can take advantage of a wide range of color palettes and custom colors to get the image you want in the end. You can create your pages on ColorFit and draw different images according to your style and needs. This app also allows you to download original sketches from your gallery for coloring.

If you love to color and draw, you shouldn’t worry about running out of coloring pages. You get new additions daily with exquisite designs to keep you busy and relaxed. While there are many in-app purchases, there are few ads for a more enjoyable coloring experience every time you open the app.

To download: ColorFit (Free in-app purchases available)


Newque Tech Limited’s coloring app is what you need to enjoy the art of painting. Coloring and painting are therapeutic for people dealing with anxiety and stress. offers various images sorted by number to help you keep track of all your masterpieces. The variety of themes include animals, characters, modern art, and floral sketches.

With the app, you can generate time lapse video to restore the coloring process and share it on social networks. You will have a fresh feeling every morning with newly added images to suit different tastes. Now you can relax and paint on your smartphone without having to carry brushes, colors or books. This coloring app is also calming and easy to use.

To download: (Free in-app purchases available)

4. Colorful

If you are looking to pass the time and relax, Colorfy is the perfect game to help you out. This coloring game features simple and complex artwork for you to color. Colorfy comes in the form of a painting book with various animals, mandalas, flowers and patterns for coloring.

It is not easy to find a unique game these days, even in coloring. Colorfy stands out because you can upload your sketches if you want to color something original. With the ability to customize color palettes, you can find the perfect color for each section of your sketch.

You can try out different brushes to add color and detail as you see fit. There are also effects that you can add to your artwork while coloring. This game allows you to reduce your stress and anxiety by coloring on your android device. You don’t have to carry around a book or a box of colors every time you need to relax with coloring.

To download: Colored (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Recolor

Recolor Adult Coloring Book is a great app for coloring and relaxing anytime of the day. This app is a premium choice for coloring with over 5000 unique pages. Images include dogs, famous movies, fashion, flowers, mandalas, and cats from professional artists. You can also upload your photos to add more color and detail.

Create art with over 70 palettes, hundreds of colors, and four new photos every day. You can also have fun creating unique palettes. With the Recolor app, you can learn from other members of the Recolor community by studying the images in the gallery.

The community has millions of members around the world to give you all the inspiration you need. You can let your creativity run wild while relieving stress on your smartphone.

Take advantage of the free version of this app through the free trial before paying for a subscription. You get full access to additional features like filters, effects. Join the fun and stimulating events for fun and stress free.

To download: Recolor (Free trial, subscription available)

Reduce stress anytime with Android coloring apps

With these coloring apps, you can relax while enhancing your creativity. It’s a great activity to improve your focus and calm you down after a long day at work. You can enjoy coloring on various pictures with unique color palettes and brushes to keep you calm.

You can also upload your images to color them and add details to your artwork. After relieving your stress, you can save and share your artwork with your friends on social media for more inspiration.

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