Teenager Kiera Colson wrote Twin Tale and published a coloring book


SEVIERVILLE, Tennessee – A teenager from Sevierville has just released a new coloring book. It’s a companion for the book she wrote when she was 16.

Kiera Colson is a 17 year old with a very mature outlook.

“Everyone has a story, and you’re never too young to start. Go ahead, start developing it and start dreaming,” said Kiera Colson.

This attitude guided her to pursue her dream of becoming an author. She has always been a reader.

“I’ve read all of Nancy Drew’s books. Nancy also really inspired me because she’s an independent girl, she saves the day, she doesn’t need Ned. And she really inspired me to become an author, ”she said.

The college girl wrote Twin Tales when she was 16. It was born out of a series of short stories written by Kiera in 4th grade.

“Twin Tales is about a mermaid mother named Merena, and she’s estranged from her two twin daughters. And as they travel and they’re apart from their three points of view. And there are villains and the one way for the whole kingdom to find each other is if these sirens are to find each other, “she said.

A book launch and book signings are part of the excitement of writing a book available on Amazon and its website. And now fans can order a coloring book as well.

“The coloring book accompanies the story. So it’s really for kids 6 to 10 years old, so it prepares them at an older age for the book which is 8 to 14 years old. And they can color while reading the story, because I have pictures in the book, ”she said.

The young author looks beyond the books to become what she calls a Teen Success Coach.

“I’m actually developing this idea of ​​teenage influencers, because right now there’s the term influencer that’s being used. Together to each other and start working together and communicating, mostly because we had Zoom and stuff. like that. We can talk to each other all over the world, share ideas and grow the next generation, ”she said.

The teen-fluencer transmits his message on social networks. And support other young people with a story to share.

Kiera virtually attends her high school in South Carolina while living with her grandmother in Sevierville.


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