Tasker 5.15 Brings Android 13 Dynamic App Icon, Custom Toasts, Clipboard Additions, and More


Tasker is one of the most powerful tools for power users on Android, allowing you to create everything from simple automated tasks on the device to more complex systems. There’s almost no limit to what you can do with the app (especially when it has root access), and now an update is rolling out on the Google Play Store with encore more additions. In Tasker 5.15, you get Android 13 dynamic app icon, custom toasts with images, clipboard image support, and more.

One of the biggest parts of this update for Tasker is the introduction of custom toasts. You can make your toast look the way you want by adding photos and even coloring it. They can also interact with them through a tap to initiate another action, including opening an app or making them only tappable. There are also other changes, including the ability to read and set images from the clipboard and display an image in a text dialog.


stain 5.15 toast

Another feature that experienced users will be delighted with is the introduction of proper errors when a task fails to run. It shows what action you got the error on, in what task it happened, what profile triggered, what time it happened, and what precisely the error was. As for the other Android 13 features that have been teased by the developer, it is confirmed that they will arrive in a future Tasker update.

Below is the full changelog for Tasker 5.15. You can download Tasker from the Google Play store.

Tasker 5.15 major additions

  • Added dynamic app icon for Android 13. Demo.
  • Added Title, Icon, Icon size, Background color, Task, Free time, Continue task immediately (Demo), Text color, Hide on click, Show on all (Demo 2),Use HTML and Position (Demo 3) options for shine action.
  • Added Picture field to Set Clipboard action allowing to put an image in the clipboard. Also added Get Clipboard act and Modified Clipboard event that fires whenever the clipboard changes. These allow you to get additional text, uri, html text, image uri, mime types and clipboard values. Demo.
  • Added an option to display an image in the Text Dialog the action and therefore renamed it Text/Image Dialog. Also added an option to display text in the List Dialog action. Demo.
  • Added Action Error Notifications: when an action ends in an error and Continue on error is not activated, you will receive a notification warning you of the error. Demo.
  • Added a helper to the Output Format field in the Parse/Format DateTime action. Demo.
  • Added Variable map action. Demo.
  • Added Clone option when you long click on an action which will immediately clone and modify the new action. Demo.
  • Table % added array function that gets a random element from the array.Demo



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