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Coloring books have always been a way to relieve stress and tap into your creativity, but they’re especially valuable now. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, most of us are stuck indoors for long periods of the day and are starting to run out of inexpensive, stress-free hobbies. If this is the case for you and you enjoy coloring but can’t afford or don’t have access to supplies, there is another option: digital coloring books.

Whether you are an Android or iOS person, there are plenty of coloring book apps available for free and easy download. And we really can’t recommend them enough; they are an easy way to unwind after an anxiety-laden day.

One of the best is Happy Color. The color by number app is completely free (on Google Play and Apple) and offers new pages every day. You can bring famous paintings to life, color in some of your favorite characters (like Scooby-Doo), or choose from categories like “food”, “people” and “fantasy”. The app even has pages that “blend” colors together to form a more complete and realistic result.

Other free options include Coloring Book for Adults and Color by Number. The first lets you choose your own colors and the second is another color by numbers app. Neither are as robust as Happy Color, but they do offer alternative options if you’re looking for a different format or more pages to choose from. Both are also available on Android and iOS.

Coloring book for adults

Adobe also recently released a free digital coloring book (via Gizmodo) with the help of several talented artists, such as Sofi Bastos and Ann Chen. Unlike the apps above, this coloring book is printable, but you can import the JPEGs into coloring apps like Adobe Fresco if you prefer to keep everything online. Adobe will release a new “chapter” for the coloring book every week this spring. You can download a PDF for the first issue here.

There are many other digital coloring book apps available in your Google Play and Apple stores, such as Colorfy and Recolor, although most are paid. Be sure to read the fine print before downloading, or give it a try for a seven-day free trial. You might like the paid versions better, and it’s a great way to get an idea of ​​which app you like best.

The best thing? These apps don’t just have to be a coronavirus quarantine hobby. You can keep them on your phone forever; they are a great way to de-stress any time of the year.

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