Quiver review: 3D augmented reality coloring app for adults


Adult coloring books were all the rage a few years ago – people of all ages got together and relaxed around a common activity. Now coloring books have had an augmented reality makeover and are ready to be loved by everyone again.

Quiver is a free three-dimensional coloring app on the App Store and Google Play. To use the app, you must first download and print one of their coloring packs – beware, some pages cost money.

You can still print the pages that cost the money – only when it’s time to scan, they’ll ask you to pay a small fee, usually around three dollars for a pack.

Quiver is an AR app that lets you color in 3DAmber Wang

Then color the page as you normally would – I chose a dinosaur from their website, supposedly named “Fidelisaurus”. And no, I don’t know how to pronounce that name. After coloring the image, simply point your camera at it through the app and watch your design come to life.

You can tap the image to interact with the object or character – zoom in on your drawing or view it from a different angle. Play and pause animation with its unique sound effect. Even take photos and videos of your creation. The educational coloring pages also include a quiz on the subject of the object to test your child’s knowledge.

In the settings options, you can choose to display your design through Google Cardboard – you might not specifically have this device, but there are many educational settings that can get funding for it. Made for great VR experience in conjunction with AR.

One specific problem I have with this app is that it seems primarily aimed at kids – there are a lot of cartoon animals and silly characters. I would love to see more intricate designs or nature scenes in the next Quiver coloring pages which are more aimed at the adult population.

That being said, many teachers and educators use this app in the classroom – not only coloring and AR is fun, but also educational. With a one-time purchase for all content on “Quiver Education”, you can access coloring packs on space, animals, math and more.

Teachers can use Quiver with their students through educational packages.Teachers can use Quiver with their students through educational packages.Amber Wang

The last category is “Quiver Fashion” – I had high hopes, but it looks like there are only two packs to try. Coloring pages look like a bunch of fashion dolls for kids to color and dress – a strangely specific and underdeveloped category.

Pros: Innovative approach to the basic task of coloring, close to flawless augmented reality and a clean interface that won’t confuse you.

Cons: You have to pay for some pages, a limited set of coloring packs, and the inability to connect to printers from within the app.


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