Qatar, Egypt agree to supply fuel and basic building materials to Gaza


The two countries pledged $ 500 million each for the reconstruction of Gaza after the May conflict with Israel

Qatar and Egypt have signed agreements to provide fuel and basic building materials to the Gaza Strip, the Qatari foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

The announcement was made in Oslo by Soltan bin Saad Al-Murikhi, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Qatar, during a ministerial meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), the international group of donors for Palestinians.

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Hamas-led government says about 2,200 homes in the coastal enclave were destroyed and another 37,000 damaged during the 11-day conflict with Israel that saw terrorists fire thousands of rockets into Israeli territory and nightly bombing campaigns targeted in response by the Israeli military forces.

Egypt negotiated a ceasefire between the two sides on May 21, and Egypt and Qatar pledged $ 500 million each for the reconstruction of Gaza.

Since 2014, Qatar has sent over $ 1 billion in aid to the Gaza Strip.

Egypt and Israel have maintained a blockade on the Gaza Strip since Hamas took power there in 2007, with Israel restricting building materials entering Palestinian territory, claiming Hamas uses them to make weapons to carry out attacks.

It was reported in September that Egypt was trying to revive peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians that were suspended since a US-sponsored effort in 2014.


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