Power with Purpose Coloring Book Distributed to Mountain View Elementary School, Carver Recreation | New


Students at Mountain View Elementary School had the chance to learn about energy-efficient superheroes like “Solar Sally” and “Hydro Henry” on Thursday.

That’s when Sam Vinson, Tennessee Valley Authority Boone Dam Senior Project Manager, and BrightRidge Energy Services Advisor Josh Cole, gifted TVA coloring books on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) featuring superheroes as gifts for each student.

“This coloring book allows those of us working in the Boone Dam Project STEM careers to show school children how STEM is part of our daily lives. Who knows? Maybe some of these kids will be inspired by the energetic superheroes and one day want to work at TVA, ”said Vinson.

Vinson then presented Johnson Town Schools Principal Dr Steve Barnett with additional coloring books for use at other schools in the town.

The book highlights the types of energy sources generated by TVA and features stickers, collectible cards, and age-appropriate terminology to promote STEM-focused learning.

There are also general themes of environmental stewardship and ethnically diverse superheroes.

Vinson visited the Carver Recreation after-school program to provide coloring books and talk with children about TVA and its mission of serving the people of the Tennessee Valley through environmental stewardship, production of energy and economic development.


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