Parents share the games they hate to play with their kids


A thread on Twitter has parents confessing the things they hate doing with their children. Lucy Huber kicked it off, tweeting, “This is a secret thread for parents where we admit what we HATE doing with our kids.” She kicked things off by revealing, “I HATE playing Brio trains with my son. Mostly because I like building the railroad tracks, but he just wants to direct me and nothing I do is right. He also takes all the good cars.

Here are some of the responses from other frustrated moms and dads:

  • “I play ‘ice cream shop’,” writes one mum. “My son’s imaginary ice cream shop never has any flavors in stock except one, which always changes and he keeps me guessing at flavors until he decides he has one in stock .”
  • “Playing imaginative games with my six-year-old is like taking notes from Kubrick,” shares another parent.
  • “I hate coloring with my kids,” writes one mom. “They never put enough color on the page and they’re always bored and doodling and meanwhile I’m creating a fashion masterpiece on Elsa and one of them is just going to pick up a black pencil and draw a big circle on my work.”
  • “‘Peppa Pig.’ My kid won’t watch anything else. Believe me, I tried to put something else in but no,” a dad offers. “He must have watched the same episodes 40 times at this point.”
  • “I hate slime and will always find an excuse not to have it at home,” writes one mum.
  • “My child never wants to play any games, she wants me to use my imagination and come up with something new for her every time, or play Pokemon and come up with a story for her, or I do battles, or pretend she’s a baby monster/Pokémon and I have to raise and train her, and I’m always tired,” one dad confesses.
  • “I HATE reading ‘Owl Babies.’ I don’t understand why it’s such a famous book, I don’t think it’s cute and always skips pages and goes through it quickly,” shares a relative.
  • Another parent writes, “Sometimes mine sits on the couch and asks me to play while he watches and I’m like…no??? Sorry!???”

Why do children always want to read the book you don’t like or watch the series you don’t like on repeat?


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