“Our Green Bay Coloring Book” offers activities, emblematic sites drawn by children


GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WFRV) – Looking through a child’s eyes can be easier than you think. With the help of a local club, a group of children used their artistic skills to create a unique book that showcases the Green Bay area.

According to a statement, nearly 90 children participated in the creation of “Our Green Bay Coloring Book,” featuring a variety of activities and iconic sites around Green Bay. During the five months, organizers say the various young artists have been able to identify places in the community that are of personal importance to them.

How did they do it?

Under the direction of Craig Knitt, the children were able to create the book through art programming from the Boys & Girls Club of Grand Green Bay.

High-impact experiences, such as participating in the creation of the coloring book, have been shown to improve academic achievement, build good character and leadership skills, and promote a healthy lifestyle, explain the organizers of The Boys. & Girls Club.

Specifically, club officials say the students explored the creative process and focused on illustration, activity development, and graphic design techniques when creating the coloring book.

If you look inside the pages, you might be able to see a few familiar places. The coloring book highlights a few community partners, such as:

  • National Railway Museum
  • NEW Zoo and adventure park
  • Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bay Beach Amusement Park
  • Green Bay Children’s Museum
  • Neville Public Museum
  • Oneida Nation Museum
  • Heritage Hill State Park
  • Green Bay Botanical Garden
  • Pamperin Park
  • Baird Creek Trail
  • Grand Green Bay Convention and Tourism Office

Where can you get one?

Want to take a look at the artwork of these young community leaders? You can find the book at Boys & Girls Club and organizations featured in the book. If you cannot get a physical copy, you can download one by visit here.


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