New World: How to Craft Void Armor and Where to Find Materials


from the new world Endgame gear will take a while to acquire, but the perks are well worth it. Void armor is some of the best you can craft even outside of the game’s dungeons and world events, but don’t expect it to be done quickly or without a lot of time and effort.

Just to find Void Ore you need to increase your mining skill to 175 to harvest Orichalcum Ore, and like Fae Iron, you’ll need your fair share of luck to gather enough stuff to craft ingots. emptiness. Or you might want to craft Void Ingots, but there are equally rare and meticulous grinding requirements to craft even one.

In this guide, we’ll see how to get all the materials you need to craft Void Ingots, and then everything you need to craft Void Armor.

How to Craft Void-Bent Ingots

You need three ingredients to create a single Void Ingot.

  • Void Ore. As noted above, Void Ore is a rare drop of the Orichalcum Veins, which you will mainly find in the Great Cleave and Shattered Mountain regions northwest of Aeternum. There is also a fair amount of it in the western parts of Ebonscale Reach, especially the peninsula and island that stretch out into the sea. Improve your luck stat using the methods described in our Fae Iron guide, but this times with endgame items.
  • Void Essence. Another rare drop, this time from Elite Ancient Chests, Elite Supply Chests, and Supply Reserves. These are the big chest variants you’ll find on Aeternum, with the best loot coming from the various Expedition dungeons you’ll pass through during the campaign.
  • 10 energy cores. You can craft this material using an elemental core and an elemental core, so prepare your motes for fusion.

Note that until you have Void Ore, you won’t even have the Void Ingot recipe.

How to craft Void Equipment

Getting the Void Ingots is only the first step. Armor requires several expensive and rare materials in varying amounts. You will also need armor at level 200 to craft any of the Voidbent gear.

Important note: One of the items needed to craft Void Light Armor, Runic Thread, is currently not in almost any enemy loot pool since patch 1.03. He can drop from the elite Pride of the Trees bear crowd near the Eternal Pool in Reekwater.

Light Void Armor: Void Robes, etc.

  • 1 ingot curved by the Void. See above.
  • Phoenixweave. You will need six to 26 units of Phoenixweave per piece of armor, with the most expensive being breastplate and the cheapest being gloves and boots. You can acquire Phoenix Weave either as a Rare Drop from Silk Plants, or by crafting it from Infused Silk, Metallic Weave, and two ingredients that you will use for Voidbent equipment outside of the phoenix weaving recipe: scales and weaving in blister packs. We cover both below.
  • Scale fabric. Collect it as a rare drop of Wirefiber or from Supply Crates, Chests, and other Loot Boxes at level 58+ Points of Interest.
  • Blisterweave. As with Scalecloth, Blistereweave is a rare drop of Wirefiber and comes in 2-4 collections of Supply Crates and Caches in level 58+ points of interest.
  • Runic leather. You will need 2-8 units of Runeskin for Voidbent Cloth Armor. Craft it from 5 Infused Leathers, 1 Smoky Leather and 1 Level 55+ Wolf Scarab Leather and 1 Aged Tannin.
  • Runic thread. See note above.
  • Asmodeus. To get your hands on this powerful ingot, you will need 5 Orichalcum Bars, 1 Obsidian Stream, 2 Charcoals, and two other rare Orichalcum Vein Drops: Tolvium and Cinnabar. Hopefully you get your Void Ore somewhere in your farming.

Heavy Void Equipment: Breastplate, etc.

Voidbent heavy equipment requires essentially the same materials as light armor, but in different amounts. You need a lot more Asmodeum, up to 26 units, but a lot less Phoenixweave, as the breastplate only needs 7 units.

There are three different base ingredients here: Tovlium and Cinnabar instead of Scalecloth and Blisterweave, plus fur infused with furry animals in level 54+ areas.

Void light equipment: cloak, etc.

Medium Voidbent has a third set of different base ingredients: Fangs and Claws infused with furry animals of level 54 and above, plus Scarhide. Scarhid comes from animals of level 55 and above.

As with other types of armor, you’ll need varying amounts of ingredients and lots and lots of Runehide, up to 26 units for the chest piece.

This is how you get your hands on Voidbent gear in New World. At least the versions that might be literally impossible to do right now.

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With all of that in mind, you should be able to speed up crop leveling as long as you stick to it and collect a lot of items. Discover our others New world guides, if you need more help.


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