New Elon Musk coloring book features drawings based on his tweets

  • An artist and Elon Musk fan has created an adult coloring book based on the Tesla CEO’s tweets.
  • Called “Elon Musk’s Illuminated Tweets”, the coloring book is offered via Kickstarter – anyone who pledges $30 to the campaign will receive one of the books.
  • Illustrator Salina Gomez, who created the designs, told Business Insider that the book is filled with designs that “focus on the things that would inspire people to dream bigger.”
  • Musk is known for his outspokenness on Twitter, which has both garnered him a massive following and landed him in legal trouble on multiple occasions.
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Elon Musk fans now have a new way to celebrate their fandom: with a Musk-themed adult coloring book.

Colorado-based artist Salina Gomez, who goes by the name Ill Ink, has launched a Kickstarter for an illustration book based on Musk’s tweets. Titled “The Illuminated Tweets of Elon Musk,” the book is available to backers who pledge $30 to the campaign. The campaign has a goal of $10,000 – so far its 57 backers have pledged more than $6,900.

The drawings in the coloring book are based on original tweets from the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, although given Musk’s prolivity on Twitter, Gomez laid down a few ground rules for which tweets would inspire illustrations: no drawings based on Musk’s personal life and no drawing based on retweets or replies.

“The goal was to focus on things that would inspire people to dream bigger,” Gomez told Business Insider in an email. “To support the idea of ​​the next great human migration, the colonization of space. To implore people through whimsical cartoons to ditch those gas-powered cars and buy electric vehicles.”

The illustrations included in the book feature everything from illustrations of Musk’s Boring Company tunnel to an intricate drawing of the circuit board inside Musk’s Tesla Roadster sent into space.

“Pretty much, if I could dream it, I’d draw it,” Gomez said.

Elon Musk coloring book

Gomez’s take on a tweet from Musk that read “Of course it feels weird to find myself defending robots.”

Salina Gomez

Gomez said her favorite drawing is of a tweet posted by Musk about sending the Falcon Heavy rocket into space and that she might turn it into a full-color poster that will be offered as a stretch goal if the Kickstarter campaign goes well. .

Elon Musk coloring book

The drawing on the left is inspired by a tweet from Musk about climate change, while the drawing on the right is one of many illustrations by Musk himself in the book.

Salina Gomez

Gomez began following Musk during a difficult time in his life and said she found him inspiring. The project was born out of a desire to achieve “successful Muskian traits” for herself, she said.

Musk is known for his outspokenness on Twitter, attracting a massive following for his comments on space, the environment and the auto industry. But Musk has also gotten himself in hot water for his tweets, such as when he called a British cave diver a “pedo guy” in a since-deleted tweet, prompting a defamation lawsuit (Musk has since been cleared). He also took to Twitter to claim he secured the financing to take Tesla private in 2018, which resulted in a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation and a $40 million fine.

More recently, Musk has repeatedly tweeted about the coronavirus crisis and his displeasure with stay-at-home orders, tweeting misinformation about the virus and calling on the government to “FREE AMERICA NOW.”

None of these tweets will make it into the coloring book.


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