McDonald’s ad in Singapore confuses Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as two separate games


If you’re not a die-hard fan of the Pokemon series, you might also be mistaken for the latest Pokemon console game title. “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet”, a unique title, is scheduled to be released on November 18.

With each new Pokemon generation, Nintendo has always released two different versions of the same game. We’ve seen these distinct Pokemon games: “Pokemon Black”, “Pokemon White”, and “Pokemon X and Y”. In contrast, “Sword and Shield” is virtually the same game except for having separate exclusive Pokemon, gyms, and raid encounters.

Pokemon Happy Meal is back

The promotional events for this new series of Pokémon games are sure to excite Pokémon fans as well as collectors of Pokémon cards and memorabilia. Last week, on August 16, McDonald’s revealed the return of Pokemon Happy Meals a week before promoting the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in November.

According to Comicbook, the event includes McDonald’s Happy Meals which contains an all-new “Match Battle” deck which consists of a four-card deck of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, a spinner and a coin with a pattern. Pokemon.

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Here’s what card collectors want to know. The card collection includes artwork and images of Pikachu, Smeargle, Bewear, Rowlet, Victini, Drampa, and Cutiefly, among other Pokémon. It can be seen that this particular set of cards emphasizes Gen 7 Pokémon, specifically Pokémon from the “Sun and Moon” series.

Pokémon Violet and… Violet?

Along with this new Pokemon event, McDonald’s would be allowed to produce its own promotional material to advertise said event. This particular Pokemon Scarlet and Violet flyer from a McDonald’s chain in Singapore shows off an intriguing version of the Pokemon game.

Discover the promotional material here.

According to a story from GoNintendo, a McDonald’s publicity flyer for the Pokemon Scarlet x Violet edition of the game reportedly read “Violet x Violet” instead of “Scarlet x Violet”. The leaflet actually omits half of said edition of the Pokemon game.

We all know the game already has a definite release date, but the promotional material also states, right below the intriguing title, that the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise will be available worldwide “late 2022”.

It is not disclosed in previous reports how this error entered the print. While this error is fairly harmless in nature, it doesn’t hide the fact that McDonald’s and The Pokemon Company have some pretty terrible lines of communication.

This news is first picked up by NintendoSoup. Along with the misleading title and vague release date, said Pokémon promotional material also introduces the game’s three new starter Pokémon: Quaxly, Sprigatito, and Fuecoco. Screenshots from the game showing some hints of the Paldean landscape were also shown.

At the moment, the Pokemon Match Battle Happy Meal event is still ongoing. This event features various Pokemon toys and coloring books. Check out their official press release for more details on the event.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Pokémon Scarlet and Violet event begins today. Visit the nearest McDonald’s to preview their offerings.

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