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To make green dye, place the cactus in the top cell of the oven GUI. Then fill the lower cell with your choice of fuel and wait for the arrow in the middle to fill. Then drag it into your inventory.


Materials required to craft green dye

How to make green dye in Minecraft?

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When it comes to adding color to your Minecraft world, having different dyes is a must.

Some dyes are easier to craft, just by putting flowers or other materials in a crafting table, but green dye is a bit more difficult to acquire.

We provide you with a step by step guide to help you add some green dye to your inventory.

Materials required to craft green dye:

The materials you will need to make a green dye are:

  1. An oven
  2. A source of fuel (wood materials, charcoal, charcoal or a bucket of lava)
  3. A cactus

The hardest part of this process is finding a desert.

Finding a desert is the only way to get Cactus, the material required to craft Green Dye.

Once you’ve found a desert, however, the rest of the steps are easy! Then you have to find a cactus in the desert.

Being one of the three plants that grow in the desert (i.e. cacti, dead bushes, and sugar cane), cacti are quite abundant in this arid climate.

Once you find the cactus, smash it

Once you find your cactus, you can break it the same way you break any block and get the green dye you were looking for!

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How to make green dye in Minecraft?

Step by step guide (with photos):

Here is the step-by-step illustrated guide you need to follow to craft green dye in minecraft:

To make green dye in minecraft, Open the oven GUI by placing your oven and right clicking on it. To learn how to make an oven, see this guide.

Open the oven's graphical interface

After opening your oven, place the cactus in the upper available space in the oven GUI.

Place the cactus in the upper available space in the oven GUI

Then fill the lower space with your choice of fuel.

Fill the lower space with your choice of fuel

After waiting for the middle arrow to completely fill and cook your cactus, you can grab your new green food coloring from the oven!

You can now collect your new green food coloring from the oven

After waiting for the arrow to fill completely, the process is complete. You can collect your green dye and use it as you wish.

Explanatory video


Q. What is Minecraft’s rarest dye?

Prior to the addition of blueberry in Minecraft update 1.9, much of the community would agree that blue was the most difficult dye to find because it required tapping into the rare block of lapis lasuli. After update 1.9, however, all dyes are fairly accessible. The “rarest”, for example, would be the dyes you need to create with other dyes, like cyan dye.

Q. What can you dye in Minecraft?

A lot of things can be dyed in Minecraft: wool, terra cotta, concrete, rugs, beds and more! You can even dye the collars of tame wolves as well as dying sheep. The Dying Sheep gives you access to more colored wool in the long run, as it only takes one dye; dying the wool after shearing the sheep each time would require a lot more resources.


Congratulations! You made green dye! Now you can roam your world having fun coloring whatever you want. Dye is one aspect of Minecraft that gives players such creative freedom, so use it when and how you want!


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