Images of a mysterious new Windows 11 app have leaked online


The application is called “Designer” and gives us a clue as to what Microsoft expects from its new operating system.

Most of the time, it’s Microsoft that brings us the news of all things Windows 11. However, sometimes there are leaks online a bit in advance, as is the case with the mysterious new application “Designer” which a well-known leaker uploaded.

The strange new Designer app for Windows 11

The leak comes to us on Twitter, from WalkingCat AKA _h0x0d_. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s been the brains behind several big Microsoft-related leaks in the past, such as Windows 11 (known back then as “new Windows”) and the first steps of Windows 365 Cloud.


Now the chat has resulted in another leak, this time about a new “Designer” app for Windows 11:

It looks like an application similar to Microsoft Publisher, except it’s more web-focused. You can use the tool to design visually appealing assets like flyers, brochures, and book covers, then share your design on social media websites with a click.

It can natively post designs to LinkedIn, which means Designer could be a great tool for graphic designers looking for new clients.

Will Designer sink or swim?

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has experimented with adding new apps to Windows 11. For example, the company recently added new video editing software called Clipchamp to the Windows 11 out-of-the-box experience.

The only problem is that people didn’t like Clipchamp at all. It was aggressively priced from the get-go, and it lacked the features people could get from free third-party apps. Microsoft has since lowered Clipchamp’s prices, but it still left a sour taste in people’s mouths.

As such, we’ll have to see if Microsoft has learned from Clipchamp’s launch, or if it will charge a hefty fee to use the app.

Designer or deadweight?

Microsoft plans to add a new Designer app to Windows 11, but will it be worth it? We will have to wait and see.


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