How to Install New Notepad App on Windows 11 PC 2022


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Check how to install new Notepad app on Windows 11 PC

Windows 11 has a new Notepad app that retains the familiar look of the classic version, but with new visual changes that align with the new modern design language on the desktop with rounded corners, a dynamic mica material with Improved desktop colors, aligns and supports dark. and light color system modes.

The application also offers new menus with the same options as before. On the right, you will see an option to access the settings page where you can change the font and the most important feature, the theme color. Additionally, Notepad now includes a new find and replace (Ctrl+F) interface, and there is now multi-level undo support. For those of you who don’t know, this is only available on the Windows Insider Dev Channel, but you can install it on any version of Windows 11 using the method I’m going to show you in this article.

Steps to Install New Notepad App on Windows 11 PC

Well, the new Notepad app is only available for Windows 11. That means if you are using Windows 10, you can access the new Notepad layout. The new Notepad app is now rolling out to Insiders on the Dev Channel.

It is available in Windows 11 preview build 22509. So if you are using the same preview version, just launch the Notepad app and enjoy the new design.

  • First, open Windows 11 Settings and click on Windows Update.
  • In the right pane, click Windows Insider Programmer as shown below.
  • Now select the “Dev” channel under Choose your internal settings.
  • Now go back to the previous page and click on the Check for updates button. Now Windows 11 will scan and list all updates. Then click the Download Now button to download and install all updates.

How do I access the Windows 11 New Notepad app?

  • After updating the operating system, you need to restart your PC and open the Microsoft Store app. In the Microsoft Store, click Library and update to the new Notepad app.
  • When upgrading, just open a notebook and enjoy the new look. The new Notepad app also has a dark mode that activates when you enter system-wide dark mode.
  • Here are some screenshots of the new Notepad app in Windows 11.

Final Words: How to Install the New Notepad App on a Windows 11 PC

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