How to Enable and Use Calendar in Spark Mail App


Spark is a superb email client with a lot to offer. Among its notable features is its calendar component, which is comparable to Google’s but simpler. It also offers a sleek design that you’ll want to use, thanks to its bright colors and minimal aesthetic.

If you’re looking to try out a new email client and a well-balanced calendar is high on your priority list, or you’re new to Spark and looking to master this feature, read on to learn more.

How to Enable Calendar in Spark

When you look in Spark sidebar, you should see the Calendar tab at the top, below your inboxes. Otherwise, you must configure the option in your account.

To do this, go to Spark menu at the top left of your screen and select Preferences.

In the Preferences menu, go to Schedule , and you will see a list of parameters. At the top you will find the option Enable calendar for where you can check the box next to the address you want to associate your calendar with.

While you’re at it, Spark gives you plenty of ways to customize your calendar to suit your needs. For example, you can choose how many hours you want to display at once, the day of the week you want your calendar to start, the default duration of your events, and more.

If you are adding multiple addresses, you can click Manage calendars to select different colors and differentiate your appointments.


Additionally, it’s worth noting that your Spark calendar will sync events from Google, Exchange, or iCloud calendars associated with your email address.

Using Calendar in Spark

Spark offers many excellent features that are worth checking out. The calendar is just one of them. The limited interface makes it more user-friendly, allowing you to easily create, delete or edit events, with just enough space for details.

To add an event, simply click on the date and time you want to book, and the event panel will appear. Here you can add a title, adjust the time, and add details for your guests if others will be attending. If you’re stuck on creating a calendar, you can follow this guide to writing a Google calendar while using Spark.

Once it’s ready and you hit Createthe event will appear in your calendar and Spark will send invitations to those you included.

Editing an event is very similar. Double click on the block and a pop-up window will give you a quick overview of the event. Here you will have the option to edit or delete it. Selecting edit brings up the events panel where you can make changes and click Update Once finished.

Create additional calendars in Spark

If you want separate calendars for things like reminders and time blocking, you can create additional calendars in Spark. You’ll find this option in the Calendar tab of Preferences, where you can click Manage calendars.

When you select the add symbol near the bottom of the panel, a field appears in the area above. All you have to do is type the name of your new calendar, choose a color and press Fact.

You can now select the calendar you want to use at the top of your event panel when creating or editing an event.

Try Spark

If you’re looking for a new email client with a simple calendar component, Spark might be your answer. It is available for individuals for free, and there are no ads, as it makes money from its premium business plans.

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