How the Waterllama iOS app turns hydration into fun challenges


Why bother tracking your water intake every day? For some people, it is enough to drink when you are thirsty. But if you’re someone who forgets to drink enough water throughout the day and frequently experiences drowsiness and other effects of dehydration, using a hydration tracker like Waterllama on your phone can help you a lot.


Here’s how this fun mobile app can help you reach your hydration goals, set streaks, and establish other healthy habits.

Hydration tracking with Waterllama

According to Mayo Clinic. But it can also be hard to remember to hydrate throughout the day, and even mild dehydration can make you feel sluggish and groggy.

A Apple Design Award 2022 Runner-up, Waterllama water tracker app is a popular hydration reminder for your smartphone that helps solve this problem. Made in Ukraine, the colorful app features challenges and reminders to help you track your water intake. It’s a lovely and fun tool that can help you reach your health goals, including those beyond hydration (there’s also a Vitamin Puffin and Lose Lactose Platypus character in the app).

Using an app like Waterllama is a simple way to make drinking more water a daily habit. You can also go all out with a smart water bottle. Even hydration has the help of technology, so make it easy to track hydration using your smartphone and connected devices.

To download: Waterllama water tracker for iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

Get started with the Waterllama app

When you first open the Waterllama app, the gray outline of a llama fills the screen. As you drink water throughout the day and enter each amount, the llama fills with liquid. You can choose to measure liquids in ounces or milliliters. It’s a quirky visual reminder to hydrate often, and you can see at a glance how far you are from your daily hydration goal.

In addition to water, you can also include other beverages, such as coffee, tea, juice, milk, sodas, and even beer. Each drink appears as a different colored stripe in your llama character, giving a dynamic visual display of your day’s drinks.

Tap the llama at any time to see how much you need to drink that day to reach your goal.

In the settings screen, you can adjust the daily hydration goal (64 ounces is the default). Keep in mind that factors like your activity level and local weather can influence how much water is best each day.

You can also set reminders throughout the day to stay on top of your hydration goals. Smart reminders will sound if you forget to register drinks in the app for two hours (but only between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.). The Settings section also includes an extensive list of drinks you can add to the app, including coconut water, lemonade, and almond milk.

You can pair the app with your Apple Watch, and it also offers the ability to sync with Apple Health data. A widget function lets you track your drink consumption without even opening the app. The widget also displays your drink breakdown for the day, so you can check your progress at a glance. You will need an annual subscription (or you can make a one-time payment) in order to fully utilize the app’s features.

In addition to Llama Lana, you’ll unlock other characters as you reach different hydration goals. Then you can select a different character outline for your main screen, whether it’s a starfish, a pelican, or some other creature. Each character has its own charming design, making it easy to see why this app was a finalist in the Delight and Fun category of the Apple Design Awards 2022. Earn additional characters by leaving a 5-star review, inviting friends to use the application or by making a donation to the creators of the application.

How does the Waterllama app count your hydration?

Not all drinks count equally towards your hydration total, and you can access a full list of drinks on the Add/Edit drinks list. Water and sparkling water count as 100%, so you’ll get full credit for drinking 10 ounces of water, for example. Black tea accounts for 90%, so you’ll get 9 ounces credit if you drink 10 ounces of tea. Alcohol counts as a negative, so you’ll get -95% for champagne and a whopping -318% for tequila.

Why are some drinks worth more than others for reaching your Waterllama hydration goal? According to hydration studies, including the hydration index of beverages from The American Journal of Clinical Nutritionsome drinks tend to contribute more to good hydration and water retention than others.

Additional Health Benefits of Waterllama App

If you love health and wellness challenge apps (and even more lovable characters), the Waterllama app has you covered. For example, the Caffeine Capuchin Escape is a 10-day challenge that asks you to stay below 55mg of caffeine per day. If you want to continue beyond 10 days, check out coffee quitting apps designed specifically for this purpose.

Meanwhile, the Vitamin Puffin encourages you to drink a juice or smoothie every day, while Tea-Rex promotes a daily cup of tea. If you’re interested in going without lactose, beer, or wine for a few days, there are challenges for those goals as well. Check out the Sober Bear, which gets you all alcohol free for 10 days, as well as Weasel Out Wine and Drop Beer Deer.

If you issue a challenge, this character can become the outline of your home screen. Plus, there’s a timeline that shows how long your streak is.

Make hydration fun with the Waterllama app

While there are plenty of great hydration apps out there that remind you to drink more water, few have the colorful charm of the Waterllama app. It’s a playful reminder to drink throughout the day and keep your other health goals in mind. Anyone looking to bring more H2O into their life will likely enjoy this app and its host of lovable characters.


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