House on the pristine water equipped with natural materials


Double iron gates welcome you in two and a half hectares of beauty overlooking Long Island Sound.

Perched on a cliff in Riverhead, the property includes a main house with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, a pool house and a detached garage for two cars each containing premium natural materials.

“The dream field includes natural materials such as wood, natural stone, terrazzo, marble, tile and granite.” said the listing agent Frank Malagon Town & Country Real Estate. “There are beautiful cedar paneling in the pool and sauna as well as in the high-end kitchen and detached garage has beautiful natural stones.”

The rich home features radiant floor heating contains the first floor and the master bedroom and the bathroom, a water purification system throughout the house, an additional water purification system in the kitchen and appliances natural gas everywhere.

“This house has been designed to live and play,” said Malagon. “In addition to the large patio and the pool, there is also a huge entertainment room on the second floor of the detached garage.”

The property itself is as welcoming as the house with beautiful organic gardens certified by Cornell University and a breathtaking and stunning views of Long Island Sound.

“This property is the realization of a dream land of wonders” Malagon said. “You feel in a unique and special place surrounded by beauty and tranquility. Everything is beautiful, the materials are natural and of good quality, and you have everything to entertain you with style, in a unique setting.

It is rated 3 $ 200,000.

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